A summary of the Hydrocarbon Management Workshop 2018

The third Hydrocarbon Management Workshop – Field Allocation took place at Sola Airport just outside Stavanger in early June 2018. The workshop had 66 participants from a great mix of companies and different professionals. During the day we listened to 9 presentations of high quality that covered many of the topics that are part of Hydrocarbon Management. A big thank you to all the presenters.

It was a great pleasure to see participants from so many different disciplines, all of them involved in Hydrocarbon Management in one way or another. The feedback we received afterward gave us a clear response that the workshop is appreciated as an arena for networking, professional input, and good discussions, all related to the art of Hydrocarbon Management.

We will use all the feedback and recommendations we have so far when we plan for the next Hydrocarbon Management Workshop in 2020. Should you have any suggestions, improvements, subjects that should be covered, presenters you think have something to share in this workshop, or if YOU have something you want to present, just send us an e-mail (Irene.Haugli@tekna.no) and we will take it with us when planning for the next workshop.

All the presentations from this year’s Hydrocarbon Workshop are now available on the NFOGM webpage. We also recommend you to look at the presentations from the two first Hydrocarbon Management Workshop held in 2014 and 2016.

Look forward to seeing you all at the next Hydrocarbon Management Workshop in 2020.