01_Couput Jean-Paul, ISO TR 26762 Allocation of gas and condensatel
02_Stornes Audun, Some Key Legal Aspects Related to Allocation – from Contract Negotiation Phase to Cessation
03_Corbett Helen, The Case for Intergrated Process Simulations in Allocation Systems
04_Johnsen Anita-Dahl Arne M, Maria to Kristin Allocation from Project to Operation, a Real Life Experience
05_Corneliussen Sidsel, Volume Allocation Based on Multiphase Measurements
06_Stokke Henning, Allocation of Fuel and Flare – What Can Possibly Go Wrong
07_Skålvik Astrid Marie, Lessons Learned from Industrial Field Allocation Studies
08_Black Peter Scalability and Configurability in the Cloud, Real examples of a New Approach to Hydrocarbon Account
09_Stockton Phil, Pipeline Allocation and How to Win Lottery (rev d)