Norwegian Society for Oil and Gas Measurement

The Norwegian Society for Oil and Gas Measurement is an independent society for personnel engaged in measurement of oil and gas in the Norwegian oil and gas business.

In the technical area the Society’s activities include flow measurement, sampling and online quality measurement in processing and transportation facilities.

NFOGM’s activities include the following:

  • Arrangement of a one day technical seminar in connection with the Annual Meeting, “NFOGM Fagdag”. The Annual Meeting takes place in the period 1st. February – 1st. April. The location changes from year to year, the board attaches importance to arranging the meetings in the cities where the members live.
  • Arrangement of a one day technical workshop, Hydrocarbon Management Workshop (HCM), arranged around 1st June every year, typically in Stavanger.
  • Appointment of metering specialists for the arrangement committee for the Global Flow Measurement Workshop (GFMW) in Norway. NFOGM also appoints the Norwegian representative in the British arrangement committee when GFMW is arranged in Scotland.
  • Developement, publication and hosting of:
    • online tools for uncertainty evaluation of metering stations
    • technical handbooks for documentation of the uncertainty models behind the online tools
    • online courses on fiscal metering of oil and gas, and on multiphase metering
  • Award scholarships and travel grants in connection with metering activities, to persons or institutions
  • Assistance in providing lecturers/ guest lecturers to universities / schools within oil- and gas metering
  • Coordination of Norwegian activities within international standardization of oil- and gas metering. NFOGM, among other things, issues recommendations to NTS (the Norwegian technology standardization organization), at voting’s in connection with ISO- and CEN standards.


Norwegian Society for Oil and Gas Measurement has its secretariat at Tekna, which involves assistance in managing course participation, course marketing, the membership database and ongoing operations. The processing of personal data in Norwegian Society for Oil and Gas Measurement is covered by the descriptions given in Teknas privacy policy.