Call for abstracts – NSFMW October 2021

A friendly reminder of the Call for Abstracts issued after the 2020 NSFMW.

Call For Abstract 2021

The Following Topics of Interest Are Pinpointed by the Technical Committee:

• Field experience – problems and solutions, with established or new metering technologies
• Fiscal metering, allocation metering, multiphase, and wet gas measurement challenges
• Metering concepts, including marginal fields, late phase, and virtual metering
• Multiphase and single phase sampling and analysis
• Environmental measurements, CCS, alternative fuels, flare gas etc.
• Subsea measurement challenges
• Liquefied natural gas (LNG) metering
• On-line analysis, e.g., composition, H2S, H2O, dew point, and CO2
• Meter inline diagnostics, data evaluation and accuracy
• Quality control, calibration, verification, and uncertainty
• Research results, standards and regulations
• Heavy oil: single phase and multiphase metering
• Oil metering with high water content

Key Dates

Abstract submission: March 31st 2021
Notification of acceptance: Primo May 2021
Final program: Primo June 2021
Submission of technical paper: October 4th, 2021