NSFMW 1991

1991 01 Effects Of Flow Characteristics Downstream Of Elbows On Orifice Meter Accuracy Karnik NOVA HUSKY

1991 02 Traceability In Measurement Of Natural Gas Quality Tambo Dantest

1991 03 Testing Of Coriolis Meters For Metering Of Oil Condensate And Gas Grendstad Kongsberg Offshore

1991 04 Field Experience With Coriolis Mass Meter On Hydrocarbon Liquid Myhr Norsk Hydro

1991 05 Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meters Continue Their Rise Van Dellen Daniel

1991 06 Comparison Of Linearity, Repeatability And Reproducibility For Turbine, Coriolis And Ultrasonic Erdal K Lab

1991 07 Metering Study To Reduce Topside Space And Weight Hannisdal Aker Engineering

1991 08 A New Oil And Multi Phase Flow Laboratory At NEL King NEL