NSFMW 1995

1995 00 Opening Address Bosio Statoil

1995 01 Gas Density Investigation On An Offshore Fiscal Gas Metering Station Meyer Loss Control Technology

1995 02 Introducing The Compact Prover In Brazil By Comparison Tests With A Conventional One Rezende Petrobras

1995 03 In Situ Calibration Of 500 Mm Diameter Orifice Meters Jones Chevron

1995 04 In Situ Calibration Of Flare Gas Flow Metering Systems Sevel FORCE

1995 05 Why We Use Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meter Sakariassen Statoil

1995 06 Calibration Of Gas Chromatographs For Improved Performance Beaty Amoco

1995 07 Floating Production And Storage Systems Measurement In The New Era Miles SGS Redwood

1995 08 Enhanced System For Crude Oil Mass Flow Measurement Bø Multi Fluid International

1995 09 Metering Of Satellite Field Production Within The Alwyn Area Bates Total

1995 10 The Effect Of Swirl On Coriolis Mass Flowmeters Patten Micro Motion

1995 11 Performance Of Clamp On Ultrasonic Flowmeter Pipeline Leak Detection Systems Baumoel Controlotron Corporation

1995 12 Status Of The Framo Subsea Multiphase Flow Meter Hanssen Framo Engineering

1995 13 The KOS MCF 351 Multiphase Flow Meter Field Experience And Test Results Hatlo Kongsberg Offshore

1995 14 Development And Testing Of The Mixmeter Multiphase Flow Meter Hewitt Imperial College

1995 15 Fluenta Multiphase Flow Meter, Tested And Marinised Olsvik Fluenta

1995 16 Wellcomp Multiphase Flow Meter Golike Occidental Petroleum

1995 17 Oil Companies’ Needs In Multiphase Flow Metering Slijkerman Shell

1995 18 The Norwegian Test Programme For Qualification Of Multiphase Meters Økland Statoil

1995 19 Ultrasonic Meters In Situ Skid Mounted Flow Testing Stobie Phillips

1995 20 Coriolis Flowmeters For Gas Measurement Patten Micro Motion

1995 21 Installation Effects On Multipath Ultrasonic Flow Meter Designed For Profile Disturbances Vulovic Gaz De France

1995 22 A Performance Study Of A V Cone Meter In Swirling Flow Shen Chevron

1995 23 Performance Tests Of A 6 Path USM Lygre CMR

1995 24 Turbine Meters For Very High Pressure A New Look At An Old Concept Dijstelbergen Lnstromet

1995 25 Assessment Of The Metrological Performances Of A Delivery Station De LAHARPE Gaz De France

1995 26 NPD Regulations. Recent Updates. NPD’s Attitude When New Technology Is Introduced Fosse NPD

1995 27 Policy Changes In DTI’s Administration Of Metering Regulations Philp DTI Oil & Gas Office

1995 28 Dynamic Verification Of Compact (Piston) Prover Repeatability Ingeberg Civ. Ing. Helge Ingeberg AS

1995 29 Characterisation Of The Performance Of Multiphase Flowmeters The Multiflow JIP Whitaker NEL

1995 30 Standardization Within Multiphase Metering Dykesteen Fluenta

1995 D01 Report From Group Discussions