NSFMW 2011

2011 01 Venturi Meters And Wet Gas Flow Leeuw Shell

2011 02 Horizontally Installed Orifice Plate Meter Response To Wet Gas Flows Stevens CEESI

2011 03 Subsea Multiphase Measurements Couput Total

2011 04 Blind Testing Of A Dual Mode Multiphase & Wet Gas Meter Hall BP

2011 05 First Ever Validation Of A Multiphase Flow Meter On Extensive Ranges Dhanuka Schlumberger

2011 06 The Effects Of Scale Deposition In Subsea Multiphase Flow Meters Barton NEL

2011 07 Multiphase Flow Measurement By Using Multi Path Ultrasonic Flow Meter Ao GE Oil&Gas

2011 08 Review Of 10 Years Of The Multiphase Meter Performance Pinguet Schlumberger

2011 09 Multibeam Gamma Ray Measurements And Electrical Tomography Tjugum Roxar

2011 10 The Influence Of Flow Conditioning On Liquid Ultrasonic Meters Brown Cameron

2011 11 Proving Liquid Ultrasonic Meters Using A Small Volume Prover And Master Meter Syrnyk Emerson

2011 12 How Accurate Are Ultrasonic Flowmeters In Practical Conditions Hogendoorn Krohne

2011 13 Operational Experience With Liquid Ultrasonic Meters Flølo Statoil

2011 14 Gas And Liquid Ultrasonic Transducer Technology Smørgrav FMC

2011 15 Sampling, Mixing And Quality Measurement Jiskoot Jiskoot Ltd

2011 16 Measurement Of Flow In Viscous Fluids Using A Helical Blade Turbine Mills NEL

2011 17 Experience With Compact Provers On Cold Products Melkevik Statoil

2011 18 Are Coriolis Mass Meters Suitable For Fiscal Liquid Applications Øiestad Intertek

2011 19 The Performance Of Coriolis Meters In Two Phase Liquid & Gas Flows Ross NEL

2011 20 Advanced Online Monitoring System & A Dirty Meter Model For Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meters Witte El Paso Pipeline Group

2011 21 Detection Of Corrosion, Fouling, Operational Influence On Ultrasonic Flow Meters Using Reflecting Paths Drenthen Krohne

2011 22 Influence Of Deposits Or Changes In Wall Roughness On The Validity Of Calibration And Accuracy Ultrasonic Meters Horst Sick

2011 23 A Proposed Ultrasonic Meter Recalibration Interval Tool Kegel CEESI

2011 24 The New European Measuring Instruments Directive McCabe SGC Metering

2011 25 Gross Meter Error Detection And Elimination By Data Reconciliation Drysdale Accord

2011 P01 Velocity Profile Sampling In Large Stack & Flare Gas Piping Harman CEESI

2011 P02 A Diagnostic System For Venturi Meters In Single Phase And Wet Gas Flow Applications Vijay Petronas

2011 P03 Virtual Flow Computer Systems For Fiscal Measurement And Allocation Calculations Jovanovic Centrica Production