Flow Profile #27 – March 2021

Name: Odin Fossdal

Employer: AkerBP

What is your current position: Metering engineer with responsibility for Valhall and Skarv

Number of years with metering: I started my metering career doing prover calibrations for Con-Tech in 1994, and from there both with operations and projects 25+ years

What do you like about your work: The variety of ad-hoc day to day problems in combination of continuous improving our metering and analysis systems

How would you like Metering & Allocation to be/include in the future?  I think we are on a good path now with many good monitoring systems, and the ability to connect remotely. Else I would like to focus on good designs for future metering systems making them robust, easier to clean, maintain and perform service.

Cabin or Hotel? My number 1 choice of vacation is skiing in the Alps, so I would say Hotel

Wine or Beer? Beer

Two meters in series or in parallel? Parallel

Fish or Steak? According to what I normally would order in a restaurant, Steak

Book or TV? Book when there is time, but I tend to end up with a TV these days

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