Roar Stormoen – 30 years in Krohne

The board of NFOGM was made aware that Roar Stormoen has a 30-year anniversary as an employee of Krohne. Roar has been an important contributor to both Krohne and the measurement community for many years.

We had a chat with the jubilant in connection with NSFMW 2019.

Roar was hired as a newly trained automation engineer and started work the first Monday after he left the military. His first job was as a project engineer and his first delivery was a VA-meter for Sleipner. It ended up on the seabed with the rest of Sleipner’s undercarriage in the Gandsfjord near Stavanger.

According to Roar, much has changed over the years he has been working. From the time when you had to carry briefcases full of documents, write offers by hand and from just having two PCs in the entire company to today where we take computers for granted. But a lot is also the same. The principles of measurement now are much the same as when he began. For example, ultrasonic meters have been in use and have been gradually improved since the 1990s.

When Roar is asked about something he is particularly proud of during his career, he highlights the good cooperation he has had with both the factory and the customers. The close cooperation with both parties has ensured that the factory understands the customer’s needs, which is important for ensuring good deliveries.

If Roar should have changed anything about how fiscal measurement is done today, he would have been happy to get rid of the pipe prover. Several people in the academic community are working towards this, so it is probably only a matter of time before the wish is fulfilled.

The board of NFOGM congratulates Roar on his long and good career and wish him good luck in both Krohne and with metering in general.