The Flow Profile #21 – June 2020

Name: Børge Olafsen

Employer: AkerBP

What is your current position: I am a metering engineer with responsibility for Alvheim FPSO and Valhall.

Number of years with metering: I have 10 years of exploration well testing metering, before this took me to fiscal metering for the last 11 years.

What do you like about your work: I like the fact that it is a constant battle against physics, nature and technology to get things right, but this is also slightly depressing since many of these battles never has a winner. In the end you sit there evaluating your next move that will declare your problems solved once and for all.

Cabin or Hotel? Hotel

Wine or Beer? Beer

Two meters in series or in parallel? Series

Fish or Steak? Hmmm…Steak?

Book or TV? If I sum up time spent on TV vs books, I would lie here if I said books..

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