The Flow Profile #26 – January 2021

Name: Morten Marstein

Employer: Analytic AS

What is your current position: Metering Specialist

Number of years with metering: 27 years

What do you like about your work: The multi-disciplinary work, the challenge of designing and installing sophisticated and high accuracy instruments in harsh environments for reliable operation with a minimum of operator intervention.

How would you like Metering & Allocation to be/include in the future? : Metering and allocation will always require well trained and skilled personnel in the design and operation to ensure reliable operation, traceability and low uncertainty flow and quality measurements, whether the product is oil, gas, hydrogen, CO2 or other fluid for energy production or emission to the environment.

Cabin or Hotel? Cabin

Wine or Beer? Beer

Two meters in series or in parallel? Series (more data is better)

Fish or Steak? Fish, preferably from a fishing trip

Book or TV? Both, news and documentaries

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