The Hydrocarbon Management Workshop 2023: Insights and Collaboration

The Hydrocarbon Management Workshop 2023, hosted by NFOGM and Tekna, exceeded expectations as a premier event for professionals engaged in Hydrocarbon Allocation/Management. Boasting an impressive lineup of seasoned presenters and a diverse range of topics, the workshop facilitated knowledge sharing, ignited meaningful discussions, and addressed pressing challenges within the field. Attended by allocation specialists, measurement experts, legal professionals, and more, this event provided an unparalleled platform for interdisciplinary collaboration and idea exchange. Let us explore the key highlights and takeaways from this enlightening gathering.

A Day of Engaging Presentations:
Bjarne Syre (DNO Norge), the head of the organizing committee, wished welcome on behalf of NFOGM, Tekna and the rest of the committee, consisting of Phillip Stockton (Accord Energy), Kjersti Evensen (AkerBP), Harald Denstad (Equinor), Ranveig Nygaard Bjørk (NORCE) and David Stewart (TAQA).
Commencing the workshop, Bjørnar Kristiansen from IVAS Norge shared invaluable insights gained through joint venture audits of allocation systems, underscoring the criticality of robust auditing processes. Phil Stockton from Accord followed, drawing attention to the risk of loss in allocation systems and the need for comprehensive risk assessment and mitigation strategies.

Following a refreshing coffee break, Magnus Svensson from Offshore Norge captivated the audience with his presentation on optimizing production reporting for enhanced allocation management. Vegar Hansen from Equinor then provided participants with recommended guidelines for Norway joint venture audits.

Post a fulfilling lunch break, Marcin Hynek from Sval Energi captivated attendees with his firsthand experiences and valuable recommendations on the Sval Hydrocarbon Allocation (HCA) setup. Astrid Marie Skålvik from NORCE then guided the participants through a workflow for allocation uncertainty analysis, before she pointed out challenges when accumulating allocation uncertainties over time, a subject which sparked curiosity and engagement from the audience.

The subsequent coffee break served as an opportunity for networking and informal exchanges, fostering connections and meaningful interactions among attendees. Marta Szwangruber from Aker BP shared practical insights on the utilization of allocation uncertainty analyses from an operators viewpoint, enthusiastically encouraging cooperation in the industry for a more holistic and less ad hoc approach. Øystein Tesaker and Knut Uleberg from Equinor concluded the presentations by describing FluidMagic, a tool for ensuring consistent fluid descriptions from well to salespoint.

Closing the event on a high note, Mohammad Ghasemi from Stratum Reservoir unveiled cutting-edge approaches to allocate production from complex reservoirs using geochemistry, an innovative and very different approach in the allocation landscape.

Networking and Beyond: Beyond the exceptional presentations, the workshop fostered a collaborative environment that encouraged open discussions, networking, and the exchange of ideas among participants. Professionals from operators, consultancies, and service providers seized ample opportunities to forge valuable relationships and expand their professional network within the industry. The post-program networking session provided a conducive setting for engaging with peers and presenters, nurturing a culture of knowledge sharing and propelling professional growth.

Wrapping up: The Hydrocarbon Management Workshop 2023 emerged as an exceptional forum for professionals involved in Hydrocarbon Allocation/Management. Through insightful presentations by industry experts and strategic networking opportunities, the event successfully disseminated knowledge, addressed challenges, and ignited engaging discussions. Attendees gained invaluable insights into auditing allocation systems, managing risk, optimizing production reporting, and leveraging innovative tools for uncertainty analysis and allocation accuracy. With its unwavering focus on knowledge dissemination and fostering collaboration, the workshop equipped participants with the tools and connections necessary to navigate the complexities of hydrocarbon allocation in an ever-evolving industry landscape. The presentations will soon be available as pdf-files from