NFSMW 2004

2004 01 Application Of Phase Behavior Models In Production Allocation Systems Webb BP

2004 02 Field Applications Of Model Based Multiphase Flow Computing Rasmussen FMC

2004 03 Quantifying Financial Exposure Due To Meter Uncertainty Ciglio Advantica

2004 04 Equity Exposure In Wet Gas Allocation Metering Stewart NEL

2004 05 Tests Of The V Cone Flow Meter In Accordance With New API Test Protocol George Southwest Research Institute

2004 06 An Assessment Of The Impact Of Contamination On Orifice Plate Metering Accuracy Pritchard Advantica

2004 07 Dirty VS. Clean Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meter Performance Lansing Daniel Industries

2004 08 A Powerful New Diagnostic Tool For Transit Time Ultrasonic Meters Freund Daniel Measurement & Control Inc

2004 09 Evaluation Of Flow Conditioners – Ultrasonic Meters Combinations Delenne Gaz De France

2004 10 CMB Signal Processing Applied To Ultrasonic Flow Meters Vermeulen Instromet Ultrasonics B.V.

2004 11 Installation Effects And Diagnostic Interpretation Caldon Ultrasonic Meter Estrada Caldon

2004 12 ALTOSONIC III – A Dedicated Three Beam Ultrasonic Flowmeter Hogendoorn KROHNE

2004 13 The Oil & Gas Industry Can Now Benefit From Digital Plan Architecture Ellender Emerson

2004 14 Flow Measurement Asset Management In The 21st Century Webb Ambrit Ltd

2004 15 Flow Computers And Control Systems Interface Or Integrate Leach Swinton Technology Ltd

2004 16 API’s Microprocessor Based Flowmeter Testing Programme Elliott Omni Flow Computers

2004 17 Installation Effects On Venturi Tubes Of Convergent Angle 10.5 Reader Harris NEL

2004 18 Determination Of Hydrocarbon Dewpoint From On Line Gas Chromatographic Analysis Pettigrew Daniel Europe Ltd

2004 19 Overview Of CFD Modelling Of Orifice Plate Flowmeters Barton NEL

2004 20 Coriolis Mass Flow Meter Developments Increasing The Range Of Applications Tombs University Of Oxford

2004 21 AGA Report No. 11 Expands Market For Proven Metering Concept Van Ravenswaaij Emerson

2004 22 Two Component Coriolis Measurement Of Oil And Water At Low Velocities Andersen Mærsk Olie Og Gas

2004 23 First Experiences With Coriolis Metering In Natural Gas Riezebos Gasunie Research

2004 24 Validation And Operational Experience Dualstream II Wet Gas Meter In A Subsea Application Jacobsen Statoil

2004 25 Wet Gas Flow Measurements With Mixtures Of Natural Gas, Hydrocarbon Liquids And Water Britton CEESI

2004 26 Turbulence Properties Of Wet Gas Flow In A V Cone Meter With Neural Nets Toral Petroluem Software