NSFMW 1984

1984 01 Influence On The Velocity Of Sound On The Accuracy Of Gas Density Transducers Tunheim ELF Aquitaine

1984 02 Calibration Of Gas Density Transducers Using Natural Gas Rosenkilde Dantest

1984 03 Experience With Operation And Calibration Of Liquid Densitometers Offshore Lawson ICE Petrochemical Engineering

1984 04 Field Experience With Liquid Densitometers Krupa Sarasota Automation Ltd

1984 05 The New NPD Regulations Øglænd NPD

1984 06 UK Standards And Regulations Relating To The Design And Operation Of Metering Station Miller Hunter Technical

1984 07 Code Of Practice For ISO 5167 Kinghorn NEL

1984 08 IP Code Of Practice For Pipe Provers Peters Daniel

1984 09 Traceability Of Measurements Paul Clark Department Of Energy NO PAPER

1984 10 The NEL Sampling Project King NEL

1984 11 Measurement Errors In Exploration And Production Resulting From Ignoring The Properties Of Water Hollett BP

1984 12 Field Experience And Development Work With Hydril BS And W Measurement System Griffiths AOT Hydril

1984 13 Laboratory Analysis Techniques Atkinson Petrofina

1984 14 Continuous On Line Water Measurement Wilson BP

1984 15 Review Of Compact Provers Pursley NEL

1984 16 Field Experience With Compact Provers Grant Phillips

1984 17 Practical Field Operation Of Compact Provers For Master Proving Bayliss Occidental Petroleum