NSFMW 1985

1985 01 The Effects Of Symmetric Steps And Gaps On Orifice Measurement Teyssandier Daniel

1985 02 Performance Of The Brooks Compact Prover On Air Reid NEL

1985 03 Experiences With Compact Provers On Live Crude Oil Stokes Unitec Consultants BV

1985 04 Investigation Into The Velocity Of Sound Correction Applied To Gas Density Measurement Wilcox Total Oil Marine

1985 05 High Turndown Orifice Plate Measurement Using A Single DP Cell Frost Spectra Tek

1985 06 Certification Of Orifice Plates Eide Con Tech

1985 07 Static Measurement Of LPG Jellfs Moore, Barrett And Redwood Ltd

1985 08 A Reconciliation Of Turbine Meter Measurement In The Custody Transfer Of LPG Moralee Phillips

1985 09 Leak Detection For Subsea Oil Pipelines With Turbine Metering Dhalstrøm Phillips

1985 10 Description Of The Two Phase Flow Laboratory In Trondheim Brandt SINTEF

1985 11 K Lab A Laboratory For Improving Gas Flow Metering Accuracy Bosio Statoil

1985 12 Field Experience Measuring Water Dewpoint In Natural Gas Carlsen Elf Aquitaine

1985 13 On Line Gas Chromatograph Cox Daniel

1985 14 Experience With Gas Chromatograph Cox Daniel

1985 15 A Comparison Of The Performance Of In Line And Bypass Type Sampling Devices In The BP Rotterdam Tests Gold BP

1985 16 Composite Sampling Of Natural Gas Welker Welker Engineering