NSFMW 1987

1987 01 Fiscal Metering Systems For North Sea Oil & Gas Experience From Purchasing To Start Up Danielsen Statoil

1987 02 Purchasing A Fiscal Flow Metering Station Suppliers Point Of View Peters Daniel

1987 03 Buying And Installing A Metering Station Fosse NPD

1987 04 Design And Suggestions To Reduce The VoS Effect For Gas Density Measurement Leibe Bopp & Reuther GmbH

1987 05 Flare Gas Metering By Ultrasonic Measurement Hammer Fluenta

1987 06 Experience With A Smart DP Transmitter Hjorteland Statoil

1987 07 Metering Multiphase Well Flow. Measurement Task And Potential Solutions Kalland Statoil

1987 08 The Effects Of Liquids On Orifice Plates Metering Gas Moore NEL

1987 09 Deflection Of Orifice Plates At High Differential Pressure Fulton BPC

1987 10 Effects In Expansibility Factor For Subsonic DP Flow Meters At High Pressure Finjord Rogaland Regional College

1987 11 Comparison Of Sampling Methods By Water Injection King NEL

1987 12 A Summary Of Methods On Calculations Of Gas Density Cousins Sarasota Automation Ltd.

1987 13 The D&H Z Meter Used As Volume Correcting Device In Turbine Metering Stations Van Caneghem Metering Department

1987 14 On Line Validation Of Densitometers By Pressure Pyknometry Johnson Moore, Barrett And Redwood Ltd.

1987 15 Natural Gas Density Prediction In The High Pressure Region Hannisdal Statoil

1987 16 Worldwide Experience With Small Volume Provers Karuppana Smith Meter

1987 17 User Experience With Smith SVP Revå Esso