NSFMW 1988

1988 01 Calorific Value Measurement With Honeywell HVT 100 Bates Total Oil Marine Plc

1988 02 Maintaining Measurement Accuracy On A Fiscal Metering System Lind Nielsen Dantest

1988 03 Test Of On Line Gas Chromatograph On The Gas Export Metering Station, StatFjord Field Jacobsen Statoil

1988 04 The Calculation Of The Isentropic Exponent For The Metering Of Natural Gas Gent British Gas

1988 05 A New Mass Flow Meter And Its Application To Crude Oil Metering Stansfeld Schlumberger

1988 06 Ultrasonic Flowmeters For The Gas Industry Nolan British Gas

1988 07 Field Experience Of Two Phase Flow Measurement Hall Mærsk Olie Og Gas

1988 08 Field Experience Using Coriolis Mass Meters I Lawson Occidental Petroleum

1988 09 Field Experience Using Coriolis Mass Meters II Dean Chevron Petroleum

1988 10 The First Revision Of ISO 5167 Stolz Electricite De France

1988 11 A New Type Of Formula For The Orifice Plate Discharge Coefficient Reader Harris NEL

1988 12 Department Of Energy Guidelines On Petroleum Measurement Changing Practices Philp Department Of Energy

1988 13 The Revision Of The NPD Regulation For The Fiscal Measurement Of Oil And Gas Fosse NPD

1988 14 A Status Report On K Lab Wilcox K Lab

1988 15 Fluid Flow In Manifold Geometries Langsholt Institute For Energy Technology

1988 16 The NEL Orifice Plate Project Hobbs NEL

1988 17 Accuracies Of Vortex And Turbine Meters In Natural Gas Harbrink Ruhrgas AG

1988 18 Operating Experience With A Compact Prover I Ross Caleb Brett International Ltd

1988 19 Operating Experience With A Compact Prover II Groeneveld Moore Barrett & Redwood

1988 20 Pulse Interpolation Revision Of ISO 7278 3 Paton NEL