NSFMW 1992

1992 00 Opening Address Flow Measurement The Last 10 Years Danielsen Statoil

1992 00 Closing Address Flow Measurement The Next Ten Years Gallagher Shell

1992 01 The Orifice Plate Discharge Coefficient Equation Further Work Reader Harris NEL

1992 02 Orifice Metering Research A User’s Perspective Gallagher Shell

1992 03 Optimal Flow Conditioner Lake Amoco

1992 04 Multiphase Flowmeter Measurement Uncertainties Millington NEL

1992 05 A Multi Capacitor Multiphase Flowmeter For Slugging Flow Brown Shell

1992 06 A Flow Regime Independent Multiphase Flowrate Meter Dykesteen CMR

1992 07 Framo Multiphase Flowmeter Prototype Test Olsen Framo Engineering

1992 08 Ultrasonic Flowmeter Wet Gas Tests At NEL Watt NEL

1992 09 Flow Conditions In A Gas Metering Station Thomassen Insitutt For Energiteknikk

1992 10 CFD Analysis Of Fluid Property Effects In Coriolis Mass Flowmeters Watt NEL NO PAPER

1992 11 Comparing Recommendations Given For Turbine Meters By ISO9951 And AGA7 Cabrol Statoil K Lab

1992 12 AGA Transmission Measurement Committee And The Revision Of AGA Report No 8 Stuart Pacific Gas And Electric

1992 13 Density Metering Installation Methods Gray Peak Measurement

1992 14 A New Multi Path Ultrasonic Flow Meter For Gas Lygre CMR

1992 15 Comparative Testing And Calibration Of Coriolis And Turbine Meter Mandrup Jensen Force Institute

1992 16 Compact Large Bore Direct Mass Flowmeters Matthews Schlumberg

1992 17 Pipe Elbow Effects On The V Cone Flowmeter Ifft Ketema