NSFMW 1994

1994 01 Use Of Calculated Density On Offshore High Pressure Wet Gas Metering System Emms British Gas Plc

1994 02 Wet Gas Flow Measurement By Means Of A Venturi Meter And A Tracer Technique Leeuw Shell

1994 03 Do We Need To Use Gas Density Meters In North Sea Metering Stations Wilcox SGS Redwood

1994 04 AGIP Trecate Multiphase Test Loop Mazzoni AGIP

1994 05 Shortening Installation Lengths Using A Low Loss Vaned Flow Conditioner Laws University Of Salford

1994 06 Development Of A Flow Conditioner Erdal K Lab

1994 07 Design Of A Tube Bundle Conditioner From Aerodynamic Concepts Gajan ONERA

1994 08 The Gallagher Flow Conditioner Gallagher Shell

1994 09 North Sea Field Test Of A Multiphase Flowmeter Hatlo Kongsberg Offshore

1994 10 Using The MFI Multiphase Meter For Well Testing At Gullfaks B Økland Statoil

1994 11 BP Multiphase Meter Test Experience Priddy BP

1994 12 An Evaluation Of Some Static Mixers In Multiphase Flow Hjermann CMR

1994 13 Development And Trial Of Multiphase Flow Meters For Oil, Water And Gas In Pipelines Ashton CSIRO

1994 14 V Cone Meter Gas Measurement For The Real World Dahlstrom Phillips

1994 15 Installation Effects On Multi Path Ultrasonic Flow Meters Van Bloemendaal Gasunie

1994 16 Developments Of Multipath Transit Time Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meters Zanker Daniel

1994 17 The Effect Of Different Path Configurations On Ultrasonic Flow Measurement Cousins Stork Flow Measurement

1994 18 The MFI Water Cut Meter In Offshore Application Purvey BP

1994 19 Field Testing Of The FIuenta WIOM 300 Water In Oil Monitor Farestvedt FIuenta

1994 20 Framo Multiphase Flow Meter Field Testing Experience Olsen Framo Engineering

1994 21 A Cooperative Approach To New Product Development Letton Daniel

1994 K01 Hydrocarbon Mixture Equations Of State And Their Impact On Gas Flow Starling University Of Oklahoma