NSFMW 2008

2008 01 The Importance Of Proper Internal Surface And Alignment Of Upstream Metering Tubes Fosse NPD

2008 02 An Investigation Into The Impact Of Changing From K0 And K1 Values To API IP Standard Values Stewart Kelton Engineering Ltd

2008 03 Infrared Water Cut Meter For Cost Effective Individual Monitoring Of Complex Wells Al Saiyed Saudi Aramco

2008 04 An Investigation Into The Performance Of Coriolis And Ultrasonic Meters At Liquid Viscosities Miller TUV NEL Ltd

2008 05 On Line Condition Based Monitoring Of Gas USM’s Peterson Shell

2008 06 Characterizing Ultrasonic Meter Performance Using A Very Large Database Kegel CEESI

2008 07 Practical Experiences Of Operating Small Bore Gas Ultrasonic Meters For Fiscal Measurement Coull METCO Services Ltd

2008 08 The Influence Of Liquid Viscosity On Multiphase Flow Meters Pinguet Schlumberger

2008 09 Multiphase Flowmeter Experience From A Research Perspective Thant PETRONAS Research Sdn. Bhd.

2008 10 Deepwater Measurement Verification – A DeepStar RPSEA Mandate Hall Letton Hall Group

2008 11 Diagnostic Methodologies For Generic Differential Pressure Flow Meters Steven DP Diagnostics LLC

2008 12 The Effect Of Drain Holes In Orifice Plates On The Discharge Coefficient Reader Harris TUV NEL

2008 13 Allocation Computer Systems – Considerations For Vendors And Cusomers Alderson Smith Rea Energy Limited

2008 14 Flow Computers And Control Systems Interface Or Integrate II Leach Swinton Technology

2008 15 Features Of Allocation Systems Incorporating Long Pipelines Stockton Smith Rea Energy Ltd

2008 16 Pressure And Temperature Effects For Ormen Lange Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meters Lunde University Of Bergen

2008 17 A General Methodology For Geometry Related Pressure And Temperature Corrections Whitson TUV NEL

2008 18 Installation Effects On The Easington Ultrasonic Fiscal Metering Station Frøysa CMR

2008 19 New Correction Method For Wet Gas Flow Metering Based On Two Phase Flow Modelling Salque TOTAL

2008 20 Liquid Property And Diameter Effects On DP Meter Wet Gas Over Readings Britton CEESI

2008 21 Measurement Of The Liquid Water Flow Rate Using Microwave Sensors In Wet Gas Meters Van Maanen Shell

2008 22 Gas Densitometer Applied For Simple Method In Standard Density Determination Dahlström StatoilHydro

2008 23 Handbook Of Uncertainty Calculations – Ultrasonic Fiscal Oil Metering Stations Lunde University Of Bergen

2008 24 Thermal Lagging – The Impact On Temperature Measurement Kimpton Advantica Ltd

2008 P01 A Statistical Tool To Support The Optimisation Of Measurement Systems García S. Corporación CDT De GAS

2008 P02 The Impact Of The Use Of Generic Crude Oil Expansion Coefficients To Correct Fluid Densities Glen TUV NEL

2008 P03 ISO TC 30 Standards – Autumn 2008 Reader Harris TUV NEL