NSFMW 1986

1986 01 Sampling And Analysis For The Determination Of The Water Content Of Crude Oil An Overview Dean Chevron

1986 02 Computer Simulations To Determine The Optimum Sampling Frequency During Custody Transfers King NEL

1986 03 Offshore Experience With The Endress And Hauser Water In Hydrocarbons Monitor Shirran Shell

1986 04 Use Of The Inline Gas Chromatograph For Gas Sales From An Offshore Platform Brown Mobile Exploration

1986 05 The Certification Of Test Gases Part I Nilsen Norsk Hydro

1986 06 The Use Of Test Gases Part II Bjarnov Dantest

1986 07 P V T Properties Of Natural Gas At Temperatures Between 270 K And 300 K And Pressures Of Up To 6 MPa Weiss PTB

1986 08 Velocity Of Sound Effect On Gas Density Transducers Stansfeld Solartron Transducers

1986 09 Experience Of Offshore On Line Gas Density Measurement Marshall Marshall Instrumentation Ltd

1986 10 Flare Gas Measurement Cousins Sarasota Automation Ltd

1986 11 The Commissioning And Operation Of The Statpipe Metering System For Refrigerated LPG Berentsen Statoil

1986 12 Wellhead Metering Of Gas Oil Water Production Streams Hatton Texaco

1986 13 The NEL Orifice Plate Project Hobbs NEL

1986 14 Experience With Compact Provers And Pulse Interpolation At NEL Paton NEL

1986 15 The Relationship Between The Number Of Passes And The Accuracy Of A Compact Prover Noble Emerson Electric