NSFMW 1989

1989 01 Field Experiences With Ultrasonic Flare Gas Meter Bersaas Statoil

1989 02 A New Gas Density Meter With Reduced Velocity Of Sound Effect Stansfeld Schlumberger

1989 03 EC Nozzle Transfer Package A Flow Standard High Pressure Gas Van Der Grinten Netherlands Measurements Institute

1989 04 Field Experience With Flare Gas Meters Lindland Phillips

1989 05 Computer Concepts Data Security And Availability Wulffers HCS

1989 06 The KO210 Flow Metering Control System Standal Kongsberg Offshore

1989 07 Measuring The Flow Of Wet Gas Washington KSEPL

1989 08 Pipeline Oil Analysis For Allocation At Ecofisk Thowsen Phillips

1989 09 Sampling Of High Vapour Pressure Liquid Welker Welker Engineering NO PAPER

1989 10 Full Bore Continuous BS&W Measurement And Fiscal Metering Gjedebo Hitec

1989 11 Field Based Water In Oil Sampling Studies King NEL

1989 12 Experience Of Monitoring Oil Measurement System Performance And Most Common Errors Hollett BP

1989 13 Measurement And Allocation For Production Through Ekofisk Nielsen Phillips

1989 14 Auditing The Management Of Measurement Britton BP

1989 15 View On Cost Effective Fiscal Metering By Means Of Test Separator & Well Allocation Fosse NPD NO PAPER

1989 16 Automatic Transmitter Calibration Ideas And Practical Implementation Skatvedt Norcontrol Training

1989 17 Automatic Transmitter Calibration Ideas And Practical Implementation Ullebust Statoil

1989 18 Quartz Pressure Standards For High Performance Measurements And Automatic Transmitter Calibration Godager PTL

1989 19 Presentation Of The Norwegian Calibration Service Klemmetsen Norwegian Calibration Service

1989 20 Code Of Practice For ISO 5167 Grenier Gaz De France