NSFMW 1990

1990 00 Opening Address Petroleum Measurement Some Experiences And Progress Paul Clark UK Department Of Energy

1990 01 Computational Modelling Of Coriolis Mass Flowmeters Watt NEL

1990 02 Fiscal Measurement And Proving Experience With Coriolis Meters Davis Total Oil Marine Plc

1990 03 Experiences With Use Of Coriolis Mass Meter For Untreated Gas Oglænd Phillips

1990 04 Testing Coriolis Mass Flowmeters For Pattern Approval Mandrup Jensen Dantest

1990 05 Practical Experiences Using Ultrasonic Flowmeters On High Pressure Gas Holden Daniel

1990 06 Drilling Mud Flow Measurement Stewart British Gas Plc

1990 07 Gas Flowmeters Repeatability And Accuracy Might Be Impeded By Elemental Sulphur Deposition Bosio K Lab

1990 08 Renovation Of Export Metering System Dam N V Nederlandse Gasunie

1990 09 The Texaco Subsea Three Phase Metering System Dean Texaco Ltd

1990 10 Multi Phase Flow Metering Smørgrav Kongsberg Offshore

1990 11 Field Experience With The CMI Multiphase Fraction Meter Frantzen Christian Michelsen Institute

1990 12 Evaluation Of Densitometers In The Presence Of Condensation Or Wet Gas Kostic Rogaland Research Institute

1990 13 New Oil And Multi Phase Flow Metering Facilities At NEL Millington NEL NO PAPER

1990 14 Orifice Plate Discharge Coefficient Equation Gallagher Shell

1990 15 South European Pipeline Central Proving Facility Convert Societe Du Pipeline Sud Européen

1990 16 Multiple Regression Footprinting Of Meter Factors Gwaspari Shell

1990 17 Multiphase Fraction Metering Solved A Report Of The Latest Results Achieved Gaisford Multi Fluid

1990 18 Simple Full Bore Water Cut Measurement Technique Brown Shell