NSFMW 1996

1996 01 Comparison Test And Calibration Of Coriolis Meters Eide Con Tech

1996 02 Practical Application Of Coriolis Meters For Offshore Tanker Loading From The Harding Field Withers BP

1996 03 North American Inter Laboratory Flow Measurement Testing Program Karnik NOVA

1996 04 Crude Oil Expansion Coefficient Third Rhomax

1996 05 Unpredicted Behaviour Of Venturi Flowmeter In Gas At High Reynolds Numbers Jamieson Shell

1996 06 Sampling 3 Phase Fluids For Quality Determination Welker Welker Engineering

1996 07 Production Evaluation And Testing Of A High Viscosity And High Gas Volume Multiphase Meter Tuss Conoco

1996 08 Assessment Of Multiphase Flowmeter Performance Whitaker NEL

1996 09 Importance Of Calculating Permittivity And Conductivity In Mixtures Of Liquids Hammer University Of Bergen

1996 10 Review Of Operation Of Ultrasonic Time Of Flight Meters Cousins SGS Redwood

1996 11 Ultrasonic Metering On An Offshore Gas Platform Robbins ARCO British Limited

1996 12 Operation Of Multipath Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meters In Noisy Environment Frøysa CMR

1996 13 Practical Experience With Gas Ultrasonic Flow Meters Zanker Daniel

1996 14 Multipath Ultrasonic Flow Meter Performance Grimley Southwest Research Institute

1996 15 Oil Flow Performance Of Ultrasonic Meters Brown NEL

1996 16 In Situ Calibration Method For Multiphase Flow Meters Using Radioactive Tracer Sevel FORCE Institute

1996 17 An OiI Water Gas Composition Meter Based On MEGRA Measurement Scheers Shell

1996 18 Two Phase Effects On Single Phase Flowmeters Skea NEL

1996 19 Three Phase Metering In Sumatra Using The Starcut Meter Marrelli Texaco EPTD

1996 20 Current Status Of Development Of The CSIRO Gamma Ray Multiphase Flow Meter Roach CSIRO

1996 21 The Density Of Rich Natural Gas Mixtures Watson NEL

1996 22 Fluidic Pressure Pulse Transmitting Flowmeters For Remote Oil Flow Measurement Wang University Of Sheffield

1996 23 Simulation Of Temporally Evolving Flow Phenomena Associated With Orifice Meters Freitas SWRI NO PAPER

1996 24 The Orifice Plate Discharge Coefficient Equation Reader Harris NEL

1996 25 Verification Of Meter Performance And Well Allocation By Data Analysis Kemp Statoil

1996 26 Computation Of Flow Through Bends Sattary NEL

1996 D01 Recent Developments In Flow Measurement As It Relates To The Oil And Gas Industry Cheshire Fisher Rosemount

1996 D02 MFI Multiphase Metering Verification At The Agip Trecate Test Loop Mazzoni AGIP SPA

1996 D03 British Gas Metering Systems Group Has Considerable Experience Of Fiscal Gas Metering Irvine British Gas Plc

1996 D04 Practical Considerations Related To Multiphase Flowmetering Of A Well Stream Torkildsen Framo Engineering

1996 D05 Effect Of Increasing Plate Thickness On The Metering Accuracy Of An 8 Inch Orifice Meter Run Karnik Novacor

1996 D06 The Realities Of ‘1%’ Gas Flow Measurement Third Rhomax NO PAPER

1996 D07 The Role Of An Oil Gas Metering Auditor In Common Carriage Pipelines Godfrey Kelton Engineering