NSFMW 1997

1997 01 Comparing Performance Of Multiphase Meters Wolff Shell

1997 02 The Porsgrunn 2 Test Programme Of Multiphase Meters General Results And Examples Kjølberg Norsk Hydro

1997 03 Topside And Subsea Experience With The Framo Multiphase Flow Meter Torkildsen Framo Engineering

1997 04 Åsgard And Gullfaks Satellites Field Developments Efficient Integration Of Multiphase Meters Klemp Statoil

1997 05 X Ray Visualisation And Dissolved Gas Quantification Multiphase Flow Research And Development Hall NEL

1997 06 Measurement Strategies For Downhole Multiphase Metering Hammer University Of Bergen

1997 07 Revised DTI Guidelines For Petroleum Measurement Griffin DTI Oil & Gas Office

1997 08 Norwegian Regulations Relating To Fiscal Measurements Of Oil And Gas 1997 Update Selvikvag NPD

1997 09 Flow Metering Concepts, An Engineering Contractors Experience Brunborg Kværner Oil & Gas

1997 10 Software Testability, Testing And Verification In Fiscal Oil And Gas Flowmetering Mylvaganam Høgskolen I Bergen

1997 11 Recent Developments In The Uncertainty Analysis Of Flow Measurement Processes Van Der Grinten Nmi Certin B.V.

1997 12 A Practical Example Of Uncertainty Calculation For A Metering Station Midttveit CMR

1997 13 European Calibration Inter Comparison On Flow Meters Lau Swedish National Testing And Research Institute

1997 14 Experiences With Ultrasonic Meters At The Gasunie Export Stations Sloet N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie

1997 15 On Line Quality Control Of Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meters Sakariassen Statoil K Lab

1997 16 Gas Well Flowline Measurement By Ultrasonic Flow Meter Agricola Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij B.V.

1997 17 Testing Of Noise Suppression System For Multipath Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meters Kristensen Kongsberg Offshore

1997 18 Dry Calibration Of Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meters De Boer Instromet Ultrasonics B. V.

1997 19 Performance Testing Of Ultrasonic Flow Meters Grimley Southwest Research Institute

1997 20 Diagnostic Of Industrial Gas Flows By Ultrasonic Tomography Demolis ONERA

1997 21 Liquid Correction Of Venturi Meter Readings In Wet Gas Flow De Leeuw Shell

1997 22 Wet Gas Testing With The V Cone Flowmeter Ifft McCrometer

1997 23 European Intercomparison Of The Calibration Of Gas Density Meters Tambo FORCE Institute

1997 24 Disturbed Flow Profiles And Their Effect On Gas Meter Behaviour Wendt PTB

1997 25 Quality Assessment Of Gas Metering Stations By A Portable Retractable Inspection Probe Larsen Statoil K Lab

1997 26 Computation Of Flow Through Venturi Meters Sattary NEL

1997 27 Wet Gas Sampling Welker Welker Engineering

1997 28 Evaluation Of On Line Chromatograph Performance Cowper EffecTech Ltd

1997 29 MFI Watercut Meter A Fiscal Meter Nordborg Statoil

1997 30 Coriolis Meter For LPG Custody Transfer At Petrobras Rezende Petrobras

1997 31 Master Meter Method Dupuy Faure Herman

1997 32 Testresults Krohne Ultrasonic Flowmeter Boer Krohne

1997 33 Factors Affecting The Performance Of Ultrasonic Flowmeters Brown NEL