NSFMW 2001

2001 01 What Is The Uncertainty Of Your Quality Measurement System Jiskoot Jiskoot

2001 02 Wet Gas Metering With Venturi Meters In The Upstream Area Boko ONERA

2001 03 Utilization Of An Inline Rotary Separator As A Wet Gas Meter Ting Chevron

2001 04 Using CFD To Investigate The Flow Through An Offshore Gas Metering Station Wilcox SGS Redwood

2001 05 Testing A 12 Krohne 5 Path Altosonic V Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Meter Folkestad Norsk Hydro

2001 06 Test Results Of A New Design Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meter Vieth Ruhrgas AG

2001 07 Temperature Changes Across Orifice Meters Niazi Advantica

2001 08 Gas Metering Status And Trends On Technology And Applications Sakariassen MetroPartner

2001 09 Flow Testing An Ultrasonic Meter Outside Its Performance Envelope Stobie Phillips Petroleum

2001 10 Optimisation Of Flow Measurements In A Pulsating Flow Van Bokhorst TNO

2001 11 Operational Experience With Commercial Multiphase Meters Mazzoni ENI Agip Division

2001 12 Experience With Installation Of Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meters Under Severe Conditions Denstad Statoil

2001 13 Operational Experience In Multiphase Metering Implementation Couput TotalFinaElf

2001 14 On Line Comparison Of The Speed Of Sound With Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meters Panneman N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie

2001 15 Status And Trends In Technology And Applications Dykesteen Roxar

2001 16 Experience With Installation Of Sampling System In Special Application Pharo FMC

2001 17 Implementation And Operational Experience Of A Multiphase Meter Rowe Shell

2001 18 Presentation Of The Handbook Of Water Fraction Metering Dahl CMR

2001 19 Flare Gas Metering – Measurement Challenges At Hand Johannessen Roxar

2001 20 Field Experience With Multipath USMs Ultrasonic Meter Vs Turbine Meter Niazi Advantica

2001 21 Conversion Of Multiphase Meter Flowrates Krejbjerg Calsep

2001 22 Benefits And Limitations Of Ultrasonic Meters For Upstream Oil And Gas Production Brown NEL

2001 23 An Ultrasonic Meter For Stratified Wet Gas Service Zanker Emerson

2001 24 An Experimental Derivation Of An Expansibility Factor For The V Cone And Wafer Cone Meters Peters McCrometer

2001 25 A Ray Theory Approach To Investigate Influence Of Flow Velocity Profiles On Transit Times In USM Frøysa CMR

2001 K01 The Unexpected Challenge Status And Trends On Technology And Applications Jamieson 4C Measurement