NSFMW 2014

2014 01 Field Trials And Pragmatic Development Of SONAR Meter Technology Pearson BP AGT Region

2014 02 Performance Testing Of A Novel Fibre Optic Based Vortex Flowmeter In High Pressure Wet Steam Jansen TNO

2014 03 Magnetic Resonance Multiphase Flow Meter Gas Measurement Principle And Wide Range Testing Results Hogendoorn KROHNE

2014 04 Campaign Well Testing Of A Complex Reservoir Using An MPM Multiphase Meter Stobie GS Flow Ltd

2014 05 Venturi Flow Meters Behaviour In High Pressure 3 Phase Wet Gas Conditions Couput Total

2014 06 Performance Of A Vertically Installed Venturi Tube In Wet Gas Conditions Graham NEL

2014 07 Expanded Knowledge On Orifice Meter Response To Wet Gas Flows Steven CEESI

2014 08 Is Linearisation Safe For Custody Transfer Meters Cousins CEESI

2014 09 Process Simulation Uncertainties Stockton Accord ESL

2014 10 In Line Multiphase Flow Measurement – Permian Basin, Texas Field Trial Watkins Pietro Fiorentini

2014 11 Insights Into Multiphase Flow Through Ultrasound Doppler Rammohan GE Global Research

2014 12 Coriolis Meter Testing Under Variable Water Cut, Oil Water Conditions Cousins CEESI

2014 13 Methods Of Determining And Verifying Fiscal Sampling System Uncertainty Potten Cameron

2014 14 Practical Experience Of Bi Directional Prover Calibration Gray Alderley

2014 15 Operators Perspective Of Chevron Alba Measurement System Upgrade Elphinstone Chevron NO PAPER

2014 16 Experimental Research Into The Measurement Of Temperature In Natural Gas Transmission Metering Systems Ingram DNV GL

2014 17 Qualification Testing Of An 8 Path Ultrasonic Gas Meter Brown Cameron

2014 18 Experience From Implementing A Metering Solution For Subsea And Topside Multiphase Flow Metering Olaussen FMC Technologies

2014 19 Production Quantification Through Full Field Modelling Berg Lundin

2014 20 The Performance Of Orifice Plate Meters Under Low Flows Mabbutt National Grid

2014 21 Orifice Plates With Drain Holes Reader Harris NEL

2014 22 Compressible Flow Effects In Coriolis Meters Kegel CEESI

2014 P02 The World’s Largest Calibration Loop For Calibration Of Natural Gas Meters Busk FORCE Technology

2014 P04 Advanced DP Meter Diagnostics – Developing Dynamic Pressure Field Monitoring Rabone Swinton Technology

2014 P05 Simplified Equations For Some Thermophysical Properties Used In High Pressure Metering Laughton DNV GL