NSFMW 1993

1993 01 Metering In The Real World Stobie Phillips

1993 02 High Accuracy Wet Gas Metering Dickinson Shell

1993 03 Scaling Problems In The Oil Metering System At The Veslefrikk Field Kleppe Statoil

1993 04 Scaling Problems In The Oil Metering System At The Gyda Field Paulsen BP Norway

1993 05 Optimal Measurement Accuracy For Allocation Measurements Nyhus SNF

1993 06 New Networked Fiscal Metering System For The Phillips Ekofisk Complex Sørensen Holta & Håland

1993 07 Mass Gasflow Measurement Using Ultrasonic Flowmeter Boer Krohne

1993 08 Comparison Between Three Flare Gas Meters Installed In A 36 Inches Process Flare Line Velde Statoil

1993 09 Platform Trial Of A Multiphase Flow Meter Watt CSIRO

1993 10 Field Testing Of The Multi Fluid LP Multiphase Meter Gaisford Multi Fluid

1993 11 Field Experience With The Multi Capasitor Multiphase Flow Meter Brown Shell

1993 12 The Performance Of The Fluenta MPFM 900 Phase Fraction Meter Millington NEL

1993 13 Meter Calibration Under Simulated Process Conditions Berentsen Statoil

1993 14 Cariolis Mass Flow Measurement Nicholson NEL

1993 15 Evaluation Of Ultrasonic Liquid Flowmeters Johannessen CMR

1993 16 Practical Experiences With Multipath Ultrasonic Gas Flowmeters Sakariassen Statoil

1993 17 Review Of Multiphase Flowmeter Projects Millington NEL

1993 18 Required Operating Envelope Of Multiphase Flow Meters For Oil Well Production Measurement Wolff Shell

1993 19 Standardisation Of Multiphase Flow Measurements Dykesteen CMR

1993 20 Testing Water In Oil Monitors At The Mongstad Terminal Økland Statoil

1993 21 Remote Sampling Bjørnsen Phillips

1993 22 How To Specify And Design On Line Analyser Systems Dulfer Van Rietschoten & Houwens Noord West B.V.