NSFMW 1999

1999 00 Opening Address Peters Daniel

1999 01 Multiphase Flow Measurement System Of High GOR Applications Cellos ARCO Alaska

1999 02 A Successful Modality Measurement In Mexico Santamaria Instituto Mexicano Del Petróleo

1999 03 Experience With Ultrasonic Flowmeters In Fiscal Applications For Oil ( Products) Hogendoorn Krohne

1999 04 Development And Installation Of The ABLE CTM Ultrasonic Cargo Transfer Metering System Baldwin ABLE

1999 05 Two Years Of Fiscal Performance By The Liquid 5 Path Krohne Altosonic V Ultrasonic Meter Dahlstrøm Saga

1999 06 Behaviour Of Venturi Meters In Two Phase Flows Couput ELF Exploration Production

1999 07 Use Of Venturi Meters In Multiphase Flow Measurement Hall NEL

1999 09 Upstream Pipe Wall Roughness Influence On Ultrasonic Flow Measurement Dane Dordrecht

1999 10 The Effects Of Reynolds Number, Wall Roughness And Profile Asymmetry On Single And Multi Path USM Zanker Daniel

1999 11 Proving A Fiscal 5 Path Ultrasonic Liquid Meter With A Small Volume Ball Prover Folkestad Norsk Hydro

1999 12 New Generation Multiphase Flowmeters From Schlumberger And Framo Engineering AS Atkinson Schlumberger

1999 13 A High Accuracy, Calibration Free Multiphase Meter Miller Daniel

1999 14 CCM Discussion Of Metering Principle, Slug Handling Capacities And Flow Measurement Gulbraar Kværner

1999 15 Effects Of Salinity Variation On Dual Energy Multiphase Flow And Mixmeter Homogeniser Harrison Melverley

1999 16 WATER IN LIQUID PROBE System For Measuring Water In Liquid Ratio At Low And High Gas Volume Fractions Skre CMR

1999 18 Functional Enhancements Within Ultrasonic Gas Flow Measurement Lunde CMR

1999 19 Investigations Regarding Installation Effects For Small Packages De Boer Dordrecht

1999 20 Aspects Of Bi Directional Fiscal Metering By Means Of Ultrasonic Meters Sloet NV Nederlandse Gasunie

1999 21 How To Optimise Allocation Systems By Using Modelling Using Monte Carlo Simulation Coughlan Shell

1999 22 Handbook Of Uncertainty Calculations – Fiscal Metering Stations Dahl CMR

1999 24 Square Root Error And Impulse Line Pulsation At CATS. Terminal Middlesbrough, UK Donoghue Amoco CATS Terminal

1999 25 Multiphase Measurement System With Fully Redundant Measurements Wee Roxar

1999 27 Operational Experience With Multiphase Meters At Vigdis Kalsaas Fluenta