NSFMW 2003

2003 01 Investigations Of Density Transducers For Natural Gas Metering Weber PTB

2003 02 Guidelines For Efficient Improvement Of Accuracy In Oil And Gas Flow Measurements Kuoppamäki Indmeas Oy

2003 03 Transient Diffraction Effects Ultrasonic Meters Volumetric, Mass, Energy Flow Measurement Natural Gas Lunde CMR

2003 04 Venturi Meters In Wet Gas Flow Stewart National Engineering Laboratory

2003 05 Penguin Wet Gas Measurement Wood Shell

2003 06 Suitability Of Dry Gas Metering Technology For Wet Gas Metering Stewart National Engineering Laboratory

2003 07 Wet Gas Allocation On The Canyon Express Project Cooley TotalFinaElf

2003 08 Determine The Liquid Content Of A Wet Gas Stream And Provide A Sample Of The Liquid Phase Jiskoot Jiscoot Ltd

2003 09 Wet Gas Experience With Single Path Ultrasonic Meter Smørgrav FMC NO PAPER

2003 10 The Transit Time Difference Ultrasonic Gas Meter A Reassessment Zanker Daniel Industries

2003 11 Research Developments In Wet Gas Metering With V Cone Meters Steven McCrometer

2003 12 Ageing Effects On Orifice Metering Reader Harris NEL

2003 13 Latest Advances In Ultrasonic Flow Measurement Of Natural Gas Using Externally Mounted Espina Controlotron Corporation

2003 14 GE Panametrics Clamp On Flow Meter, Results In Industrial Gas Applications Ao GE Panametrics

2003 15 Experiences With A Fiscal Metering System Using Coriolis Meters Svendsen VTM

2003 16 Long Term Operational Experience Of Turbine Meters Balla MOL Rt

2003 17 Operating Experience With Two Ultrasonic Gas Meters In Series Nesse Norsk Hydro

2003 18 Rough Road To Success With Oil Ultrasonic Fiscal Meter At Snorre Dalström Statoil

2003 19 Metering The Challenges Of Satellite Developments Rowe Shell

2003 20 The Harmonized High Pressure Natural Gas Cubic Meter Of Germany And The Netherlands Mickan PTB NO PAPER

2003 21 Gerg Project Wide Range Reference Equation Of State For Natural Gases Jaeschke Ruhrgas

2003 22 Measurement Of Liquid Hydrocarbons By Ultrasonic Flow Meters Using Transit Time Technology De Boer Krohne

2003 23 Operation And Evaluation Of A Roxar Multiphase Meter In Sour Field Environment Shen ChevronTexaco

2003 24 Flow Measurement In Subsea Installations Svenungsen FMC

2003 25 Phase Watcher VX Multiphase Flowmeter Heidrun Experience And Analysis Moksnes Framo

2003 26 Downhole Fiber Optic 3 Phase Flow Meter Field Test At BP Mungo Johansen Weatherford NO PAPER

2003 27 Flare Meter Monitoring Method, And Flare Meter High Velocity Extender Dahlström Statoil

2003 28 Multibeam Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Meter Fiscal Metering Custody Transfer Applications Guizot Faure Herman