NSFMW 2005

2005 01 Challenges In The Flow Measurement Henne Aker

2005 02 Specification Of Wet Gas Measurement Equipment For Fiscal Allocation Rowe Britannia Operator Limited

2005 04 Estimation Of The Measurement Error Of Eccentrically Installed Orifice Plates Barton National Engineering Laboratory

2005 05 Density And Calorific Value Measurement In Natural Gas Using Ultrasonic Flow Meters Frøysa CMR

2005 06 How Today’s USM Diagnostics Solve Metering Problems Lansing Daniel Measurement & Control

2005 07 Reciprocity And Its Utilization In Ultrasonic Flow Meters Lunde CMR

2005 08 Ultrasonic Meter To Investigate Differences Of Two Gas Meters In Series In Fiscal Natural Gas Measurement Herrmann Sick

2005 09 Wet Gas Metering With The V Cone And Neural Nets Toral Petroleum Software Ltd

2005 10 Three Years Of Experience Of Wet Gas Allocation On Canyon Express Singh Total E&P

2005 11 Wet Gas Measurement In The Southern North Sea Geach ConocoPhillips

2005 12 Lessons From Wet Gas Flow Metering Systems Using Differential Measurement Devices Cazin Total

2005 13 ISO 3171 Allocation Sampling For Challenging ‘Tie Ins’ And Low RVP Production Hydrocarbons Jiskoot Jiskoot Ltd

2005 14 The Effects Of Water In Oil On The Performance Of A Four Path Chordal Cousins Caldon Inc

2005 15 Uncertainties In Pipeline Water Percentage Measurement Scott Phase Dynamics

2005 16 Flow Disturbances And Flow Conditioners The Effect On Multi Beam Hogendoorn KROHNE

2005 17 Liquid Ultrasonic Flow Meters For Crude Oil Measurement Kalivoda FMC

2005 18 Multiphase Flow Metering 4 Years On Falcone TOTAL

2005 19 Is It A MUST To Add Upstream Devices For High GVF Dou Haimo Technologies Inc

2005 20 Well Testing Using Multiphase Meters Frantzen Roxar

2005 21 Allocation The Howe Measurement Challenges Tierney Shell

2005 22 Development Of Recommended Practices And Guidance Documents For Upstream Oil And Gas Dahl CMR