NSFMW 2006

2006 01 The Impact Of SOx Compliance On Hydrocarbon Accounting Arthur Smith Rea

2006 02 Density And Calorific Value Measurement In Natural Gas Using Ultrasonic Flow Meters Frøysa CMR

2006 03 The Use Of Process Simulation Models In Hydrocarbon Allocation Systems Stockton Smith Rea

2006 04 3 Path Gas Ultrasonic Flowmeters In Custody Transfer & Allocation Measurement Systems Sinclair BP

2006 05 Investigations On An 8 Path Ultrasonic Meter Lansing SICK

2006 06 Operating Gas Ultrasonic Meters After The Project Team Goes Home Roberts Emerson

2006 07 A Review Of Pipeline Integrity Systems Glen TUV NEL

2006 08 Ineos’ Experience In Pipeline Leak Detection Using Flow And Pressure Measurements Thomson Ineos

2006 09 Field Data Of An E RTTM Based Leak Detection System Den Hollander KROHNE

2006 11 There’s Oil In That There Water! – Impact Of The OPPC 2005 Regulations Beecroft TYCO

2006 12 Flow Measurement Field Calibrations By Radioisotope Tracers Kuoppamäki Indmeas Oy

2006 13 A Novel Infrared Absorption Technique For Measuring Flare Gas Flow Gibson TUV NEL

2006 14 Critical Review Of Wet Gas Definitions Falcone Texas A&M University

2006 15 Flow Data For Natural Gas With Water And Hydrates Savidge CEESI

2006 16 Multiphase Flow Measurement – An Authority Perspective Fosse NPD

2006 17 Two Phase Flow Metering Of Viscous Oil Using A Coriolis Mass Flow Meter Henry Oxford University

2006 18 A Versatile And Cost Effective Multiphase Meter Kratirov Neftemer Ltd

2006 19 Multiphase Sampling Kit To Improve Multiphase Flow Measurement Pinguet Schlumberger

2006 20 Venturi Tube Performance In Wet Gas Using Different Test Fluids Reader Harris TUV NEL

2006 21 Horizontally Installed Differential Pressure Meter Wet Gas Flow Performance Review Steven CEESI

2006 22 The Expanding Use Of LNG From Natural Gas To Satisfy World Energy Demand Freeke GE Sensing

2006 23 Oil Water Tests On A 4 Path Ultrasonic Meter At Low Flow Velocities Brown Caldon Ultrasonics

2006 24 Qualifying A Coriolis Condensate Export Metering Station For Fiscal Use Folkestad Norsk Hydro ASA

2006 D01 Wet Gas Metering Combination Of DP And SONAR Flow Meters Gysling CiDRA

2006 D02 Uncertainty Based Allocation Work In Progress Wolff Lupus Consultancy

2006 D03 Traceable Calibration Of Liquid Densitometers Glen TUV NEL

2006 D04 Impulse Line Blockage Diagnostics Of Differential Pressure Flowmeters Kuromori Yokogawa Electric Corporation