NSFMW 2007

2007 01 A Method For Remote In Line Calibration Of Water Fraction Meters Flølo StatoilHydro

2007 02 Traceable Calibration Of Liquid Densitometers Glen TUV NEL

2007 03 Tomography Powered Multiphase And Wetgas Meter Providing Measurements Used For Fiscal Metering Wee MPM

2007 04 Calibration And Verification Of Multiphase Meters For Allocation Metering Of The Urd Field Skårdalsmo SatoilHydro

2007 05 Fluid Composition Analysis By Multiple Gamma Ray Beam And Modality Measurements Johansen University Of Bergen

2007 06 Wet Gas Metering Using Sonar Based Flow Meters And Piping Pressure Loss Gradients Gysling CiDRA Corporation

2007 07 A Prototype Wet Gas And Multiphase Flowmeter Johansen Weatherford Intl

2007 08 A Discussion On Wet Gas Flow Parameter Definitions Hall BP

2007 09 Wet Gas Performance Of Differential Pressure Flowmeters Evans Emerson

2007 10 V Cone Wet Gas Metering Steven CEESI

2007 11 Pressure And Temperature Effects For Ormen Lange Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meters Lunde CMR

2007 12 Impact Of Regulator Noise On Ultrsonic Flow Meters In Natural Gas Krajcin E.ON Ruhrgas AG

2007 13 EuroLoop Metrological Concepts For Efficient Calibrations Van Der Beek Netherlands Measurement Institute

2007 14 Uncertainty Modelling For Instruments, Systems & Plants MacKay METCO Services Ltd

2007 15 Erosion In A Venturi Meter With Laminar And Turbulent Flow And Low Reynolds Number Stobie ConocoPhillips

2007 16 Experience With Ultrasonic Meters On High Viscosity Oil Nesse StatoilHydro

2007 17 A New Approach To MPFM Performance Assessment In Heavy Oil Basil SOLV Limited

2007 18 LNG Allocation Metering Using 8 Path Ultrasonic Meters Brown Cameron

2007 19 An Ultrasonic Flowmeter For Custody Transfer Measurement Of LNG Hogendoorn KROHNE

2007 20 Hammerfest LNG Plant – Fiscal Metering System Andreassen StatoilHydro NO PAPER

2007 21 Flare Metering With Optics From Blue Sky Technology To The Real World Parker ConocoPhillips

2007 22 Uncertainty Analysis Of Emissions From The Statoil Mongstad Oil Refinery Frøysa CMR

2007 23 Measurement Of Produced Water Discharges – Regulatory Requirements And Recent Progress MacGillivray TUV NEL

2007 K01 The Impact Of New Measurement Technology Fish Welker Engineering Company

2007 P01 The Relevance Of Two Different Path Layouts For Diagnostic Purposes In One Ultrasonic Meter Lansing SICK

2007 P02 Test Of A 1 Inch Roxar Watercut Meter On Light Condensate With Very Low Water Content Johnsen Roxar