NSFMW 1998

1998 01 Amerada Hess Ltd’s Field Experience And Requirements For Flow Measurement Morel Amerada Hess Ltd.

1998 02 Fiscal Flow Measurement In The Millennium An Operators View Leigh Conoco Ltd

1998 03 Present And Future Oil Company Needs In The Area Of Flow Measurement Danielsen Statoil

1998 04 The Status Of Fiscal Measurement Legislation In The UK And Norway Philp DTI Oil & Gas Office

1998 05 An Ultrasonic Gas Flow Measurement System With Integral Self Checking Letton Daniel

1998 06 Operational Experience Of Multipath Ultrasonic Meters In Fiscal Gas Service Coughlan Shell

1998 07 Ultrasonic Noise Characteristics Of Valves With Respect To Ultrasonic Gas Flowmeters Stoll Verbundnetz Gas AG

1998 08 Non Invasive Ultrasonic Crosscorrelation Flow Meter In Harsh Environment Gurevich AMAG

1998 09 The Essence Of A.G.A. Report No.9, Measurement Of Gas By Multipath Ultrasonic Meters Warner Daniel

1998 10 Prototype Multi Path Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meter In Different Flow Conditions Folkestad Norsk Hydro

1998 11 Is A Wet Gas Mass Flow Ultrasonic Meter Just A Pipedream Beecroft Arco British Ltd

1998 12 Ultrasonic Wet Gas Measurement Dawn Gas Metering Zanker Daniel

1998 13 Multiphase Metering The Challenge Of Implementation Jamieson Shell

1998 14 Use Of A Subsea Multiphase Flow Meter In The West Brae Sedgwick Joint Development Kennedy Marathon Oil Ltd.

1998 15 Operational Experience Of A Multiphase Meter Moestue Norsk Hydro

1998 16 BP Multiphase Meter Application Experience Priddy BP

1998 17 Field Tests Of The Esmer Multiphase Flowmeter Toral PSL

1998 18 Trial Of The Prototype Kvaerner Duet Multiphase Flow Meter Roach CSIRO

1998 19 Well Testing Issues And A New Compact Cyclone System Scott Phase Dynamics

1998 20 Flowmeters In Sandy Service Conditions Peters NEL

1998 21 Monitoring Of Dissolved And Dispersed Hydrocarbons In Produced Water MacKenzie Heriot Watt University

1998 22 The Revision Of ISO 5167 An Update Reader Harris NEL

1998 23 Uncertainty Of Complex Systems By Monte Carlo Simulation Basil FLOW Ltd

1998 D01 Year 2000 Smailes Total

1998 D02 Discussion Of Issues In Multiphase Flow Metering Laboratory Experience And Practice Hall NEL

1998 D03 Operational Experience Of The MFI MultiPhase Meter Wee MultiFluid International Ltd

1998 D04 Ultrasonic Meters And Noise Bloemendaal Gasunie

1998 D05 Ultrasonic Metering Of Liquid Hydrocarbon Flows Brown NEL

1998 D06 The Application Of Monte Carlo Simulation To Measurement Uncertainty Basil Flow Ltd

1998 D07 Design Philosophy And Experience With Quality Control Systems Folkestad Norsk Hydro