NSFMW 2000

2000 01 Determination Of Gas Density At Operating Conditions Sakariassen MetroPartner

2000 02 Advances In On Line Gas Chromatography In The Natural Gas Industry Pettigrew Daniel

2000 03 Photo Acoustic Measurement Technology To Measure Hydrocarbon Concentration Levels Terzoudi Kvaerner Oilfield

2000 04 Effortless Oil Ultrasonic Fiscal Meter Operation Dahlström Norsk Hydro

2000 05 Correction Of Readings From An Orifice Plate Installed In Reverse Orientation Brown NEL

2000 06 Challenges For Improved Accuracy And Traceability In Ultrasonic Fiscal Flow Metering Lunde CMR

2000 07 Whistling Flow Straighteners And Their Influence On US Flow Meter Accuracy Riezebos Gasunie

2000 08 New Design Concepts In Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meters De Boer Instromet Ultrasonics

2000 09 Impact Of Pulsation Sources In Pipe Systems On Multi Path Ultrasonic Flowmeters Van Bokhorst TNO

2000 10 Building Confidence With Multi Path Ultrasonic Meters Niazi BG Technology

2000 11 Smart Monitoring & Diagnostics For Ultrasonic Gas Meters Lansing Daniel

2000 12 Wellhead Metering Using V Cone Technology Lawrence McCrometer

2000 13 The Discharge Coefficient And Through Life Performance Of Venturi Tubes Reader Harris NEL

2000 14 Long Term Comparison Of An Ultrasonic Meter And A Turbine Meter With An Orifice Meter Sakariassen Statoil

2000 15 Wet Gas Metering In The Upstream Area Couput TOTALFINAELF

2000 16 The Performance Of A Multi Path Ultrasonic Meter With Wet Gas Zanker Daniel

2000 17 A Venturi Based Wet Gas Meter With On Line Gas Mass Fraction Estimation Daniel ISA Controls Limited

2000 18 Traditional Uncertainty Analysis And IP Guideline Paton NEL

2000 19 Application Rules For Vortex Shedding Flowmeters, Making A Selection Easy Albers Shell

2000 20 Vocational Qualifications For Measurement Technicians And Engineers Fish METCO Services Limited

2000 21 Operational Experience And Utilization Of The Data From The Subsea Multiphase FlowMeter Larson Marathon Oil

2000 22 Multiphase Flow Rate Identification By Pattern Recognition At Shell AUK Alpha Platform Toral PSL

2000 23 Operational Experience With Subsea Multiphase Flow Meter Caetano Petrobras