NSFMW 2013

2013 01 Using Multiphase Meters For Fiscal Purposes Syre DONG E&P

2013 02 Performance Of Subsea Multiphase Meters And Topside Test Separator Wrobel BP

2013 03 Challenges With Salinity Measurements In Multiphase Flow Metering Gryzlov Roxar

2013 04 A Comparison Of Current North Sea Practice With Recently Issued Guidelines And Regulations Pinguet OneSubsea

2013 05 Maximising The Use Of Data With UBA On Global Producer III Corbett Maersk

2013 06 Gas And Condensate Allocaton Grover Statoil

2013 07 Flow Measurement Of High Viscosity Fluids Mills NEL

2013 08 Qualification Of Fiscal Liquid Ultrasonic Meter Nesse Statoil

2013 09 A New Mesurement Program For VOC Emission Frøysa CMR

2013 10 Flow Disturbance Cone Meter Testing Stobie GS Flow Ltd.

2013 11 Performance Improvemenet Wellhead Venturi Wet Gas Measurement Obaidani PDO

2013 12 The Application Of Clamp On Ultrasonic Flowmeters Warmenhoven GDF SUEZ E&P

2013 14 Accuracy And Long Term Stability Of Ultrasonic Gas Meters Jakschik SICK AG

2013 15 Dynamic Testing Kalivoda

2013 16 Sampling What The Standards Don’t Tell You Jiskoot C A M

2013 17 Oil With Water Flow Metering Cousins CEESI

2013 18 Field Test For The Comparison Of LNG Static And Dynamic Mass Mortensen Justervesenet

2013 19 Assesment Of LNG Sampling Kenbar NEL

2013 20 Experiences With Samplers On Cold Liquids Melkevik Statoil

2013 21 Multiphase Meter Capable Of Detecting Scale On The Pipe Wall And Correcting Flow Rate Measurements Wee MPM

2013 22 Magnetic Resonance Technology Hogendoorn Krohne

2013 23 Flow Swirl And flow Profile Measurement In Multiphase flow Rammohan GE Global Research

2013 24 Uncertainty Analysis Of Multiphase Flow Meters Used For Allocation Measurements Folgerø CMR

2013 25 Uncertainty Analysis Based On Historical Data Hardie NEL

2013 P01 Subsea Sampling On The Critical Path Of Flow Assurance Vethe OneSubsea

2013 P02 Condition Based Monitoring A Fully Automated Station Solution Lansing CEESI