NSFMW 2021

01 Recent operator initiativs to improve the perforance of wet gas ……_Total Enrgies_ M. Loustau

02 Venturi Meter, Wet Gas and the ISO TR 1158XLM_f(PLR) Correlation _ R Steven_ Tek DPro Flow Solutions

03 A new correlation for vertical Venturi tubes in wet-gas flow_TUVNEL_Chinello

04 Influence of fluid compositioins and process parapeters on allocation uncertainties_NORCE_K. Folgerø

05 How to give specifications of a flow meter in a precise and useful way-NSFMW 2021 _ Frøysa

06 Proving ultrasonic flowmeters with small volume provers _Krohne_Dick Laan

07 Challenges of designing a CT metering systems for CO2_Hilko Hollander

08 Meeting the Challenges of CO2 Measurement with a new kind of Orifice Meter _Accord _Stokton

09 Flow meter performance under CO2 gaseous conditions _ DNV _ Putten

10 Accuracy Testing of Domestic Gas Flow Meters with 20% Hydrogen Blend_NEL_Macdonald_anderson_Isaac_Mahmood

11 Gas Flow Tracability for non-conventional and rendewable gases_PTB_Jos van der Grinten

12 JIP results renewable gases_ DNV_RIezebos

13 Using subsea multiphase flow metering data for remote charachterization of fracking fluid-containing liquid phase_ OneSubsea_M. Darab

14 Data-driven Modelling for Condition-based Monitoring and Flow Regime Prediction in Flow Systems_ B. Nobakht, TUVNEL

15 Setting up a fit for purpose well testing environment in PETRONAS _ Adrie Ahmad

16 How to reduce OPEX _ Bruno Pinguet, TUVNEL

17 Multiphase Metering Using a Dual Frequency Coriolis Mass Flow Meter_Aramco _ Mahalingam

18 Non-Radioactive Multiphase Flowmeter for Quantifying Solid Particles _ ABBON_C. Agu

19 Gas USMs A Guide to Creating a Condition Based Monitoring System_Oil&Gas Authority_Arnould

20 Gas Coriolis performance on Renewables gases _Emerson_ Aart Preuysen

21 Towards the Unmanned Platform  _ Jiskoot Solutions and Phillips 66

22 Comparison of a Liquid clamp-on flowmeter vs turbine meter for separator oil measurement – AkerBp – Xsens

23 Impacts of metering technology, BS&W and temperature on the _Petrobras_Augusto Silva (1)

POSTER  1  Measuring Wet Gas Using an Adjustable Cone Meter – Saketh Mahalingam

POSTER  2  MPFM Bayesian Model for uncertainty-aware predictions _ Pietro Fiorentini_E. Feltresi

POSTER  3 Differences in uncertainty calculations of gas parameters ….Emerson _ Otilia Dinu

POSTER  4 Digital Transformation – GC and Measurement Validation_Anwar Sutan

POSTER  5 LNG quality release software based on on-line instrumentation and automated _KROHNE

POSTER 6 A new geometrical approach to measure two-phase flow by means

POSTER  7 Enhanced Quadrature Design _P Arnauld

POSTER  8 Addressing CCS Flow Assurance and Measurement Challenges Determination of Water Content in Gaseous Streams_TUVNEL_Joonaki