NSFMW 2012

2012 01 Operational Measurement Experiences In North Sea Applications Spearman CNR

2012 02 Update Of Regulations For Fiscal Measurement Fosse,Griffin NPD,DECC

2012 03 Assessment Of Particle Erosion In Coriolis Meters Bell Emerson

2012 04 Practical Considerations For Liquid Tank Calibration By Metering Incremental Method Al Torairi Saudi Aramco

2012 05 A Study On The Impact Of Instrument Measurement Of Virtual Metering Systems Lansangan BP

2012 06 Allocation Uncertainty Tips, Tricks And Pitfalls Stockton Accord

2012 07 Discussion On Uncertainty Analyses Peebles ConocoPhillips

2012 08 Gas Chromatography Conditional Based Monitoring And Live Uncertainty Calculation Sutan I Vigilant

2012 09 What Do We Mean By C6+ Cowper EffecTech

2012 10 Errors Arising From The Use Of AGA8 Outside Its Valid Range Mills Oil & Gas Systems

2012 11 Differential Pressure Meters A Cabinet Of Curiosities Steven CEESI

2012 12 DP Meter Diagnostic Systems Operator Experience Rabone Swinton Technology Ltd

2012 13 Wet Gas Measurement ISO TR 11583 Reader Harris NEL

2012 14 Subsea Multiphase Flow Measurement A New Approach Unalmis Weatherford Intl.

2012 15 Field Testing Experience Of Wet Gas And Multiphase Flow Meters Asiri Saudi Aramco

2012 16 Limits On Achieving Improved Performance From Gas Ultrasonic Meters And Possible Solutions Zanker Letton Hall Group

2012 17 Different Requirements And Methods For Calibrating Gas And Liquid Ultrasonic Flow Custody Transfer Meters Kegel CEESI

2012 18 Metering Associated Petroleum Gas (APG) Field Experience With Ultrasonic Flow Meter Holzbacher Sick

2012 19 Issues And Challenges With Pipeline Sampling Graham NEL

2012 20 A Liquid Condensate Ppm Water Analyzer New Technology For Monitoring Coalescing Processes Scott Phase Dynamics

2012 21 Detailed Review Of Existing Empirical And Analytical Estimation Models For Multiphase Flow Rammohan General Electric

2012 22 Using CFD To Understand Multiphase And Wet Gas Measurement Barton NEL

2012 23 Permittivity Calculator Method And Tool For Calculating The Permittivity Of Oils From PVT Data Folgerø CMR

2012 24 The Relevance Of Type Testing Of Transit Time Ultrasonic Flow Meters Hodges CMSI

2012 25 Pattern Recognition Techniques For Horizontal And Vertically Upward Multiphase Flow Measurement Arubi BP

2012 P01 The Impact Of Mis Measurement On UK Oil Production Griffin DECC