NSFMW 2016

2016 01 Diagnosis And Mitigation Of Contamination Build Up In Multipath Liquid Ultrasonic Meters Brown Cameron

2016 02 Using An Ultrasonic Flowmeter In The Transition Zone Mills Oil & Gas Measurement Limited

2016 03 Turbine Meters In Decline Cousins CEESI

2016 04 Proving Coriolis Meters With Small Volume Provers Patten Emerson

2016 05 In Situ Validation Of ESMER MPFMs Toral Petroleum Software Ltd

2016 06 Application Of The Magnetic Resonance Multiphase Flowmeter To Heavy Oil Hogendoorn Krohne

2016 07 Live Fluids Or Controlled Fluids How Should We Calibrate A Multiphase Flow Meter Glen NEL

2016 08 Analysis Of Field And Ownership Allocation Uncertainty In Complex Multi Field Configurations Bjørk CMR

2016 09 When Allocation Back Out Agreements Can Become Lose Out Agreements Stockton Accord

2016 10 Application Of Data Validation And Reconciliation To Production Allocation Amin Letton Hall Group

2016 11 Determination Of Optimal Calibration Intervals A Risk Based Approach Pashnina Emerson

2016 12 Reynolds Number, The Correct Calibration, Characterization And Proving Of Flow Meters Cousins CEESI

2016 13 Estimating Gas Ultrasonic Meter Field Error Miller Energy Transfer

2016 14 Clamp On Ultrasonic Flow Meters Vs A Fiscal Orifice Station. How Accurate Are Clamp On Meters Out Of The Box Runcie PX Ltd

2016 15 Diagnostics And Orifice Plates Experimental Work Reader Harris NEL

2016 16 Errors Due To Use Of The AGA8 Equation Of State Outside Of Its Range Of Validity Glen NEL

2016 17 Venturi Vs. Ultrasonic Meter Comparisons The Heretical Unauthorized Version Steven CEESI

2016 18 Performance Of Coriolis Flowmeter For Metering Of CO2 With Impurities In CCS Applications Nazeri Heriot Watt University

2016 19 A New Approach To Measuring The Gas And Formation Water Flow Rates In Wet Gas Rustad Onesubsea

2016 20 Modelling Of Wet Gas Flow In Venturi Meters To Predict The Differential Pressure Van Maanen Hint BV

2016 21 Evaluation Of The Sonar Meter In Wet Gas Flow For An Offshore Field Development Floyd BP

2016 22 Wet Gas Flow Facility Inter Comparison Van Putten DNV GL

2016 P01 ISO AWI 21354 Measurement Of Multiphase Fluid Flow Reader Harris NEL

2016 P03 Investigation Of Multiphase Flow Regimes After A Blind T Mixer And At The Throat Of The Venturi Tjugum Roxar

2016 P05 Compressible Fluid Calibration Of Coriolis Meters Kegel CEESI

2016 P06 Are We Barking Up The Wrong Tree. Uncertainty Vs Error And The Role Of CBM To Measure Both Sutan I Vigilant