GFMW 2022

1 The Real Issues Of Path Position In The Operation Of Multi Path USMs OGM Bourga

2 Operation And Verification Of A Dual Mode Coriolis Meter Using Prism Signal Processing Oxford Henry

3 ISO 5167 Past And Present TUV MRH

4 Effect Of Compositional Variations On Gas Condensate Fluid Properties And Associated Flow Metering Challenges ARAMCO Mahalingam

5 Accurate Coriolis Mass Flow And Density Measurement Of Bubbly Fluids Corvera Gysling

6 Multiphase Flowmeter Uncertainty – A Practical Methodology Kelton Coull

7 Making The Multiphase Flow Meter Less Dependent On Dated PVT Proserv Barr

8 Machine Learning Based Gross Error Estimation For Allocation Systems RGU Dobos

9 Self Adjusting, Real Time Virtual Flow Metering TurbulentFlux Vanvik

10 Detecting The Presence Of Unwanted Components In A Single Phase Flow Using Data Driven Models TUV Liang

11 Offshore Flares Measurement And Calculation Of Combustion Efficiency, Methane And CO2e Emissions Accord Stockton

12 Metering And Emission Analysis Of Flare And Vent Metering Systems Using Computational Fluid Dynamics TUV Black

13 The Uncertainty Of A Unique Predictive Emissions Monitoring System Based On Hybrid Development Weel Sandvig

14 Flow Meter Performance For The New Hydrogen And Carbon Capture Economy Emerson Alghanmi

15 Comparing An Ultrasonic Gas Flowmeter With A Turbine Flowmeter Measuring Pure Hydrogen In A Field Situation KROHNE Laan

16 Measuring Hydrogen And Hydrogen Enriched Natural Gas Flows With Ultrasonic Flow Meters – Experiences And Perspectives SICK Heinig

17 Effect Of Hydrogen Admixture On The Accuracy Of A Rotary Flow Meter VSL Workamp

18 Saturated Wet Steam Orifice Meter Tests At A Geothermal Power Station DP Steven

19 Investigation Of Coriolis Meter Performance Under Liquid, Dense, And Supercritical CCS Transport Conditions HWU Jimba

20 Ultrasonic Measurement Of Liquid Carbon Dioxide Panametrics Mollo

21 Experimental Study Of Flow Measurement Uncertainties In Supercritical Fluid With High Content Of CO2 Petrobras Dutra