NSFMW 2010

2010 01 Clamp On Two Phase Measurement Of Gas Condensate Wells Gysling Expro Meters

2010 02 Wet Gas Test Comparison Results Of Orifice Metering Relative To Gas Ultrasonic Metering Lansing Sick

2010 03 Equitability, Allocation And Game Theory Stockton Accord

2010 04 Developing Measurement Infrastructure In BP Azerbaijan Pearson BP

2010 05 Ultrasonic Flare Gas Flow Meter Techniques For Extremes Of High And Low Velocity Measurement Matson GE Sensing & Inspection

2010 06 Calculation Of The Uncertainty In The CO2 Emission Factor In Flare Lines With Nitrogen Injection Gibson TUV NEL

2010 07 A Cost Effective Approach On CO2 Emission Factor Estimation For Flare Ultrasonic Metering Systems Frøysa CMR

2010 08 The Development Of And Initial Data From A New Multiphase Wet Gas Meter Collins Solartron ISA

2010 09 In Situ Measurement Of Fluid Properties Integrity Verification Multiphase Wet Gas Metering Applications Wee MPM

2010 10 Well Testing An Evaluation Of Test Separators And Multiphase Flow Meters Ross TUV NEL

2010 11 When Should A Gas Ultrasonic Flow Meter Be Recalibrated Hall Letton Hall Group

2010 12 Developments In The Self Diagnostic Capabilities Of Orifice Plate Meters Skelton BP

2010 13 Thermal Gradient Effects On Ultrasonic Flowmeters In The Laminar Flow Regime Brown Cameron

2010 14 Field Comparison Of A Mechanical And Electronic Custody Measurement Loop For Hydrocarbon Liquids Salim Aramco

2010 15 Fiscal Oil Ultrasonic Meters Introducing The Calibration Performance Monitoring (CPM) Laurent Metering & Technology SAS

2010 16 Complete Evaluation Of A Multiphase Flow Meter Pinguet Schlumberger

2010 17 Multiphase Flow In Coriolis Mass Flow Meters – Error Sources And Best Practices Weinstein Emerson

2010 18 Use Of Dual Modality Tomography ForComplex Flow Visualisation Glen TUV NEL

2010 19 Subsea Deepwater Measurement –Technology Gaps And Solutions Letton Letton Hall Group

2010 20 The Effects Of Upstream Piping Configurations On Cone Meter And Venturi Meter Discharge Coefficients Fish Solartron ISA

2010 21 Diagnostic Fingerprint – A New Method For Fully Automated Accuracy Monitoring In Ultrasonic Meters Schäfer Sick

2010 22 Online Gas Chromatography A Technicaland Historical Overview Fosse NPD

2010 23 Celebrating Quarter Of A Century Of Gas Ultrasonic Custody Transfer Metering Zanker Letton Hall Group

2010 24 Challenges Multiphase, Wet Gas Metering For Applications Limited Accessibility Scheers Hint Engineering

2010 K01 Influential Factors In Flow Measurement Stobie ConocoPhillips

2010 P01 Handbook Of Uncertainty Calculations Fiscal Oil Metering Stations Lunde University Of Bergen

2010 P02 Simulating Horizontal Wet Gas Flow Meters With CFD Barton TUV NEL