NSFMW 2015

2015 01 Comparisons Of Ultrasonic And Differential Pressure Meter Responses To Wet Natural Gas Flow Steven CEESI

2015 02 Ultrasonic Meters In Wet Gas Application Van Putten DNV GL

2015 03 Impact Of Using ISOTR 11583 For A Venturi Tube In 3 Phase Wet Gas Conditions Graham NEL

2015 04 Evaluating And Improving Wet Gas Corrections Collins Solartron

2015 05 Setting The STANDARD Integrating Meter Diagnostics Into Flow Metering Standards Cousins CEESI

2015 06 BS7965 2013 An Overview Of Updates Wrath Sick

2015 07 Design Of A Subsea Fiscal Oil Export Metering System Flølo Statoil

2015 08 A New Methodology For Cost Benefit Risk Analysis Of Oil Metering Station Lay Outs Skålvik CMR

2015 09 Operational Experiences With The EuroLoop Liquid Hydrocarbon Flow Facility Van Der Grinten NMI

2015 10 Remote Metering Monitoring And Smart Metering For Cost Effective Operation Of Multiphase Meters Couput Total

2015 11 Magnetic Resonance Multiphase Flowmeter Hogendoorn Krohne

2015 12 Operation And Maintenance Of Multiphase Flow Meters On BC 10 In Deepwater Brazil Sleight Shell

2015 13 Natural Gas Custody Transfer Measurement Al Torairi Aramco

2015 14 Gas Mass Metering Vortek Azbil DP Diagnostic Sanford Vortek

2015 15 In Situ Effects On Ultrasonic Gas Flowmeters Chan GDF Suez

2015 16 Installation Effects And Flow Instabillities Sætre MR

2015 17 Ultrasonic Gas Meter Without HP Calibration Stoof SICK


2015 19 Maximising Economic Recovery Marshall NEL

2015 20 Tie Backs And Partner Allocation Berg Lundin

2015 21 Gross Error Detection Maximising The Use Of Data With UBA On Global Producer III Corbett Maersk

2015 22 Allocation And Rocket Science Using The Kalman Filter To Optimise Well Allocation Accuracy Drysdale Accord

2015 23 Multiphase Flow Quantification Using CFD And MRI Lakshmanan Oil & Gas Measurement Limited

2015 24 Multiphase Meters In A High Sulphur Environment On TCO’s Tengiz Field Kazakhstan Clarke Chevron

2015 25 Experiences With The Multiphase Meter System Åbro Statoil