NSFMW 2002

2002 01 Handbook Of Uncertainty Calculations Ultrasonic Fiscal Gas Metering Stations Lunde CMR

2002 02 Production Measurement Management Scheers Shell

2002 03 Determination Of Measurement Uncertainty For The Purpose Of Wet Gas Hydrocarbon Allocation Webb BP

2002 04 Benefits Derived From The Application Of Virtual Metering Production Simulation Software Yocum ENSYS Yocum

2002 05 Qualification Of Ultrasonic Flow Meters For Custody Transfer Of Natural Gas Hill GE Panametrics

2002 06 Operation Of Ultrasonic Flow Meters Under Conditions Different Than Their Calibration Freund Daniel

2002 07 Proving Of Multi Path Liquid Ultrasonic Flowmeters Cousins Caldon

2002 08 Analysis And Elimination Of Disturbing Flowrates Deviations Brümmer Kötter Consulting Engineers

2002 09 Evaluation Of Clamp On Ultrasonic Gas Transit Time Flowmeters Natural Gas Ting ChevronTexaco

2002 10 A New Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meter As A Base For A Natural Gas Energy System Dietz SICK

2002 11 Energy Flow And Wobbe Metering Based On Velocity Of Sound Measurements Panneman Gasunie Research

2002 12 New Compact Wet Gas Meter Based On A Microwave Water Detection Technique And DP Flow Measurement Bø Roxar

2002 13 Wet Gas Metering With V Cone Meters Stewart NEL

2002 14 Field Installation Of Smartvent Wet Gas Flow Meters At Bintang, Malaysia Leeuw Petrotech

2002 15 Multiphase “Measurement” Wood Shell NO PAPER

2002 16 Multiphase Flow Metering Per Well, Can It Be Justified Scheers Shell

2002 17 Background And Operational Experience Of Multiphase Metering In The Safaniya Field Warren Saudi Aramco

2002 18 Transit Time Simulations In A Turbulent Like Fully Developed Velocity Profile Moore NIST NO PAPER

2002 19 The Effect Of Varying Reynolds Number On A Zanker Flow Conditioner Barton National Engineering Laboratory

2002 20 CFD Analyses Of The Influence Of Flow Conditioners On Liquid Ultrasonic Flow Metering Hallanger CMR

2002 21 Investigation Of Installation Effect On Ultrasonic Flowmeters And Evaluation Of CFD Coull NEL

2002 22 An In Depth Analysis On The Selection Criteria For 4 Gas Metering Technologies Mooney Daniel NO PAPER

2002 23 Development Of A Diagnostics Tool For Gas Turbine Meters Reeb Gaz De France

2002 24 Venturi Tubes Improved Shape Reader Harris NEL

2002 25 Recent Developments In The UK Regulatory Regime Griffin UK Department Of Trade And Industry

2002 D01 Numerical Techniques For Uncertainty Modelling Boyd Kelton Engineering Ltd

2002 D02 Gryphon Alpha FPSO Monetary Application For Multiphase Meters Way Kerr McGee North Sea Ltd

2002 D03 Novel Level Controls And Resulting Performance Enhancement Marrelli ChevronTexaco