NSFMW 2009

2009 01 Significantly Improved Capabilities Of DP Meter Diagnostic Methodologies Steven DP Diagnostics

2009 02 Cone DP Meter Calibration Issues Hodges CEESI

2009 03 Recent Field Experiences Using Multiphase Meters For Fiscal Allocation Åbro StatoilHydro ASA

2009 04 Fluid Characterisation In A Subsea On Line Multiphase Fluid Sampling And Analysis System Bruvik University Of Bergen

2009 05 X Ray Based Densitometer For Multiphase Flow Measurement Tjugum Roxar

2009 06 Successful Implementation And Use Of Multiphase Meters Fosså ConocoPhillips

2009 07 An Improved Model For Venturi Tube Over Reading In Wet Gas Reader Harris TUV NEL

2009 08 Measurement Of Water In A Wet Gas Wee MPM

2009 09 Operational Experience Roxar Wetgas Meters, Offshore Egypt Bydoun Burullus Gas Corporation

2009 10 Reducing Installation Effects On Ultrasonic Flow Meters Drenthen Krohne CT Products

2009 11 Calibration Errors Ultrasonic Meters Bernoulli Laboratory Due To Non Isothermal Conditions Van Den Heuvel KEMA

2009 12 Field Experience Of Ultrasonic Flow Meter Use In CO2 Rich Applications Harper Sandridge Energy

2009 13 OIML R 137 1, The First Ultrasonic Meter To Be Tested To Accuracy Class 0.5 Smørgrav FMC Kongsberg Metering

2009 14 Ultrasonic Meter Condition Based Monitoring A Fully Automated Solution Kneisley Transwestern Pipeline

2009 15 Three Columns Gas Chromatograph Analysis Sutan Metco Services Ltd

2009 16 Validation CFD Method Determining Measurement Error Flare Gas Ultrasonic Meter Installations Gibson TUV NEL

2009 17 Nitrogen Subtraction On Reported CO2 Emission Using Ultrasonic Flare Gas Meter Frøysa CMR

2009 18 Comparison Multipath Ultrasonic Calibration Data Liquid Hydrocarbon And Water Facility Brown Cameron

2009 19 High Viscosity Hydrocarbon Flow Measurement, A Challenge For Ultrasonic Flow Meters Hogendoorn

2009 20 A Multipath Ultrasonic Meter With Reducing Nozzle For Improved Performance In Laminar Turbulent Region Brown Cameron

2009 21 Cost Benefit Analyses In The Design Of Allocation Systems Stockton IMASS

2009 22 Software For Evaluation Of Uncertainty In Liquid Hydrocarbons Flow Measurement Systems Gallardo CIATEQ

2009 23 Realistic Pipe Prover Volume Uncertainty Martin IMASS

2009 24 Inferential Chemometric Allocation Stockton IMASS

2009 25 Metering Atlas A Portal To Create Transparency In Production And Fiscal Measurement Data Scheers Shell

2009 K01 New Challenges In Oil & Gas Measurement Griffin DECC