NSFMW 2017

NSFMW 2017 program
Key note – How to do sustainable business in a changed oil and gas marked
01 Joint_effort_multiphase_metering _Statoil_Total_Shell
02 Lundin Edvard Grieg and Brynhild_Implementation of topside and subsea MPFM_Lundin – Emerson
03 Data analytics application to multiphase flow meter uncertainty in live hydrocarbons flow loop and implications on field implementation (CANCELED)
04 Field Performance evaluation of a non radioactive MPFM, in the Middle East _ ABBON_KOC_SGS
05 Quantifying mixing efficiency_OGM
06 Evaluation of Sampler on Aker BP ULA platform _ KPS and AkerBP
07 Possible installation effect on density meter in a fastloop _ TechnipFMC
08 USMs and Heavy Oil applications -The Woes of Transition and laminar Flow Measurement_CEESI
09 Coriolis and ultrasonic flow – DNV GL
10 A differential pressure meter of rlow Reynolds number application_ NEL
11 Virtual_flow_measurements _ Total
12 System Meter Monitoring _ TechnipFMC
13 Virtual Flow Meter – Sensitivity Analysis_Kongsberg Digital
14 DP meter verificastion _ Swinton Technology
15 Generalized Wet Gas Venturi Meter Correlations Assessment _Emco Control
16 The Search for Gas Chromatograph Operational Nirvana _ i-Vigilant_AkerBP, PX Ltd
17_Sampling from flare line at atmospheric pressure _ Statoil
18 Benchmarking of on-line natural gas analysers _ Norsk Analalyse
19 Systematic Bias in pro rata allocation schemes _CMR
20 Mismeasurement Management Experiences in Petronas _ Petronas
21 Lies, damned lies, and statistics of flow meter linearization_CEESI
22 Skid calibration nonsense or necessity _Krohne
23 SICK_Experiences_with_permanent_series_connection_of_USM_SICK
24 Turbulence Profile Effects on the Accuracy of Ultrasonic Meters – CEESI
25 Conversion of a large scale orifice measurement. _ NPD
26 The revision of ISO 6976 and assessment of the impacts of changes …_Dave Lander

Here are some of the posters displayed in the hotel lobby

P01 Past Present Future of MPFM – Excecutive Abstract _ NEL
P02 Evaluation of new generation vibratins sensor for _ Endress Hauser
P03 Master meter proving with helical turbine blader _ UdexCorp
P04 Flow testing validationof a new _ One Subsea NO PAPER
P05 Installation effects on Venturi Turbines _ NEL
P07 The case for integrated process simulations in allocation_Accord Energy
P09 FIeld use of a composite phase fraction meter _ M-Flow
P11 A torsional vibrating mass flow meter suited for large pipe diameters … GE Oil&Gas
P12 Application of the Magnetic Resonance Multiphase _ Krohne
P13 A method for reducing error in wet gas measurement with coriolis meter _ Emerson
P14 Evaluation Report AkerBP and Sensor Technology

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