NSFMW 2017

2017 01 Joint Effort Multiphase Metering Åbro Statoil

2017 02 Lundin Edvard Grieg And Brynhild Implementation Of Topside And Subsea MPFM Kristensen Emmerson

2017 04 Field Performance Evaluation Of A Non Radioactive MPFM In The Middle East Harstad ABBON

2017 05 Quantifying Mixing Efficiency Lakshmanan OGM

2017 06 Evaluation Of Sampler On Aker BP ULA Platform Verloop KPS

2017 07 Possible Installation Effect On Density Meter In A Fastloop Smørgrav TechnipFMC

2017 08 USMs And Heavy Oil Applications The Woes Of Transition And Laminar Flow Measurement Cousins CEESI

2017 09 Coriolis And Ultrasonic Flow Van Putten DNV GL

2017 10 A Differential Pressure Meter Of Rlow Reynolds Number Application Marshall NEL

2017 11 Virtual Flow Measurements Couput Total

2017 12 System Meter Monitoring Ausen TechnipFMC

2017 13 Virtual Flow Meter Sensitivity Analysis Tangen Kongsberg Digital

2017 14 DP Meter Verificastion Rabone Swinton Technology

2017 15 Generalized Wet Gas Venturi Meter Correlations Assessment Bjørner Emco Control

2017 16 The Search For Gas Chromatograph Operational Nirvana Sutan I Vigilant

2017 17 Sampling From Flare Line At Atmospheric Pressure Melkevik Statoil

2017 18 Benchmarking Of On Line Natural Gas Analysers Holland EffecTech Group

2017 19 Systematic Bias In Pro Rata Allocation Schemes Pobitzer CMR

2017 20 Mismeasurement Management Experiences In Petronas Ahmad Petronas

2017 21 Lies, Damned Lies, And The Statistics Of Data Fitting Steven CEESI

2017 22 Skid Calibration Nonsense Or Necessity Vermeulen Krohne

2017 23 Experiences With Permanent Series Connection Of USM Heinig SICK

2017 24 Turbulence Profile Effects On The Accuracy Of Ultrasonic Meters Harman CEESI

2017 25 Conversion Of A Large Scale Orifice Measurement Fosse NPD

2017 26 The Revision Of ISO 6976 And Assessment Of The Impacts Of Changes Lander Dave Lander Consulting

2017 K01 Key Note Norheim ErnstYoung

2017 P01 Past Present Future Of MPFM Excecutive Abstract Pinguet NEL

2017 P02 Evaluation Of New Generation Vibratins Sensor For Rieder Endress+Hauser

2017 P03 Master Meter Proving With Helical Blade Turbine Meter Pabois IdexCorp NO PAPER SUBMITTED

2017 P04 Flow Testing Validation Of A New Method Baker OneSubsea NO PAPER

2017 P05 Installation Effects On Venturi Turbines Graham NEL

2017 P07 The Case For Integrated Process Simulations In Allocation Ross Accord

2017 P09 Field Use Of A Composite Phase Fraction Meter Parker M Flow

2017 P11 A Torsional Vibrating Mass Flow Meter Suited For Large Pipe Diameters Wang GE OilGas

2017 P12 Application Of The Magnetic Resonance Multiphase Hogendoorn Krohne

2017 P13 A Method For Reducing Error In Wet Gas Measurement With Coriolis Meter Hollingsworth Emerson

2017 P14 Evaluation Report Sveinsvoll AkerBP